Kanye West as a table in the second video for 'Eazy'. Source: YouTube

Kanye West and The Game have shared a second video for their recent joint single,’ Eazy ‘, which- like the first video the pair liberated earlier this month– witness Pete Davidson meet a murderou demise.

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While the first clip boasted a crude, monochromatic claymation aesthetic, the new one is animated with 3D simulates. Performing alongside West and The Game is an inspired edition of the barked fund from the’ Eazy’ single’s spread art.

The monkey launches an attack on Davidson in this clip, pinning down a blurred-out avatar of the Saturday Night Live virtuoso( who is currently involved with West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian) and walloping him with a cord of pierces over West’s lyrical,” God saved me from that slam/ Only so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass .”

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The first video for’ Eazy’ gave widespread denunciation for its portrayal of violence against Davidson. In the excerpt, West kidnaps the comedian and submerges him in a bunked of clay, leaving his head exposed. The rapper sprinkles seeds around, passing a bush of grows to grow from Davidson’s head. West then attracts out a duo of gardening shears and begins to trim the heightens, chipping to a close-up shot of Davidson’s attentions abruptly going white.

Multiple personalities went to bat for Davidson in the days following the video’s release. For pattern, James Gunn- who worked with Davidson on The Suicide Squad- supported the actor and comedian, writing on Twitter:” Pete Davidson is one of the nicest, sweetest people I know. A absolutely charitable, tender, and funny atmosphere, he gives everyone around him with respect.””

Kaley Cuoco, who adepts opposite Davidson in the upcoming Meet Cute, also threw her approval behind him, agreeing with Gunn’s analysis. West later addressed the backlash he’d received, writing in another Instagram post that” artistry is not a proxy for any ill or impairment”, and that” any suggestion otherwise about my prowes is fallaciou and mal intended”.

Earlier this month, Kardashian was granted single status by a adjudicator, differentiate the next step in her process of divorcing from West. She’s now able to change her legal surname from Kardashian-West back to Kardashian. Details concerning child detention and property are yet to be resolved, however, with the suit not expected to be finalised soon; the next hearing will be convened on August 5.

Over the past week, West has released an animated video for his ‘Donda ‘ track’ Hurricane ‘, shared a poem titled’ DEAD ‘ in which he claimed that” workers[ and] celebrities are not allowed to cry”, and joined the legions of moviegoers heaping praise on The Batman.

Meanwhile, Corey Taylor has called West a “fucking moron” over the rapper’s decision to shape ‘Donda 2 ‘ accessible alone through his $200 Stem Player device.

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