These dates, things are tense at best for the Gosselin family.

Jon Gosselin is going to court over incarceration issues, an added complication to an once ruptured family.

However, he observed a very special Throwback Thursday this week with an astonishing throwback clip from a dozen years in the past.

In addition to showing the eight children when they were very young, the committee is also demo the embittered exes when things were arguably happier.

“You “ve been looking for” and it’s 12 years later, ” Jon Gosselin captioned the grainy throwback video.

The video was a relatively short clip of ABC footage sport their family.

Jon computed the labels: “ #wow #wheredoesthetimego #timeflies. ”

Many of us find it particularly relatable how he marvels at the quotation of time.

It’s one thing to think “2 010 was 12 years ago” and quite another to understand that “someone stand in 2000 is old enough to drink.”

But for Jon, this is more personal, because he is appreciating — on a bittersweet note — how much his children have grown.

Speaking of beings born in 2000, Cara and Mady were born in October of that year.

Four years later, their medium-sized family exploded into a supersized sideshow with the birth of their sextuplets.

Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden, and Collin were born in May of 2004.

In the throwback time, Jon speaks lovingly about his children.

Some of his descriptions of the children and their respective personalities aren’t exactly accurate — they’re extremely prescient.

It’s remarkable how wildly consistent the Gosselin children’s personalities have been, even going back this far.

“Cara, she’s the oldest. Very gentle but she’s super sporting, ” Jon raved about one daughter.

Notably, this is the very same daughter who has since gone on to participate in college athletics.

Similarly, if a person had been headache with the knowledge of what TikTok is all of those years ago, they are able guessed which twinned would play well on the cursed app.

“Mady is the polar antonym of Cara, ” Jon described in the ancient clip.

“Artsy, music, singing, dance, drama, ” he listed.

Like we said, Mady has maintained this glint into adulthood.

Jon scheduled his daughter Alexis as “the first-born of the six.”

He stamped her as “wild and crazy.”

Meanwhile, little Hannah was described as being “very mothering.”

Jon praised his son Aaden as having “probably the biggest fan club on the planet.”

Collin was described as “the engineer of the bunch.”

Jon described his son as being both “meticulous and organized.”

Leah earned the description of being both “cute and cunning” by Jon’s estimation.

Joel, the last of the sextuplets to be born, was simply characterized as “very complimenting.”

Jon noted that Joel would admire people, even adults, in a genteel and very mature way.

Jon has had custody of Hannah and Collin since 2018.

The two of them were finally at an age at which they are considered old enough by family courts to have input in their own imprisonment situation.

Hannah led with her papa right away. Collin made longer, in part because Kate had carried him off to an institution.

As for the rest of them, nonetheless, things are pretty bittersweet.

Jon has not been able to speak to his twins in years.

It’s not for lack of trying on his part. Cara and Mady are not interested in a relationship with their dad. Neither are the other four sextuplets.

It’s a complicated statu, because Jon is certainly a shortcoming “mens and” father.

Sometimes parties are mistaken for being “Team Jon” simply for describing Kate as the toxic nightmare that she is. It’s not quite the same thing.

At the end of the day, all of us — except for Kate herself — exactly crave what’s best for the eight Gosselin kids.

Jon gosselin shares bittersweet throwback video of kate kids

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