An incredible number of luminaries obligated cameo looks throughout Kevin Smith’s recent stoner humor, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. After an 18 -year hiatus from the big screen, the two comedically preposterous people have come back together for another ludicrous adventure across the Hollywood stardoms. Directed and performing Smith as Silent Bob, the film too performs Jason Mewes as the titular Jay, as well as Harley Quinn Smith( the director’s daughter ), Aparna Brielle, and Shannon Elizabeth in supporting roles.

The film itself is a strange, self-realizing production, with various performers not only playing their own fictional characters, but also a edition of their real souls as well. Jay and Silent Bob, in turn, also return to Hollywood once they find out that a movie studio is intending to reboot the Bluntman and Chronic sequence, which they have every intention of stopping. Along with frequent pop culture comments and skits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC movies and Tv demoes, they too bump into an incredible number of familiar faces.

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Here’s a quick template to all the cameo expressions that occur during Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and where you’ve seen these performers before.

The former Batman star is no stranger to the View Askewniverse. A good friend of Kevin Smith’s, Ben Affleck and Smith have collaborated in several cinemas together over the years, including Mallrats, Dogma, Daredevil, and Chasing Amy.

Reprising his character as Loki from Dogma( not to be confused with the Marvel villain he played in a play-within-the-film in Thor: Ragnarok ), Damon’s comedic busines is often overshadowed by his dramatic personas. In addition to being able to his cameo look in Deadpool 2, Damon has also shown off his comedy knowledge in cinemas such as Stuck on You, The Informant !, Downsizing, Suburbicon, and Ocean’s Eleven.

Speaking of Thor: Ragnarok, starring Chris Hemsworth also shown in in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Best known for his capacity as The God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Australian actor has also appeared in Snow White and the Huntsman, Men in Black: International, and the neon thriller Bad Times at the El Royale.

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Returning to the superhero stage( kind of) as the virtuoso of the controversial Bluntman and Chronic reboot, Val Kilmer has already led a long and subsequent profession in Hollywood. In addition to playing the Dark Knight in the unimpressive Batman Forever, Kilmer has also appeared in movies such as Tombstone, Top Gun, Heat, and The Doors.

Similar to their cameo appearance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek will return for Reboot, both playing a account of themselves. Biggs has performed in the American Pie series, as well as Loser, while Van Der Beek has performed in films like Varsity Blues and The Rules of Attraction – and, of course, represented the titular Dawson in Dawson’s Creek.

No stranger to cameo looks, Marvel legend Stan Lee frisked a posthumous part in the mid-credits scene of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. In prescribe to secure the cameo( Lee tragically passed away in November 2018 ), Smith used archive footage of himself with Lee from a past San Diego Comic-Con.

The cast of Clerks– including Grant Hicks, Brian O’Halloran( both of whom have other roles in the movie ), Marilyn Ghigliotti, Ernie O’Donnell, Scott Schiaffo and John Willyung- makes a special appearnce in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as versions of themselves. Together, they even off a 25 th commemoration body for the 1994 chum humor at Chronic-Con.

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Stoner icon Tommy Chong proper dads up in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as Alfred, the butler to Bluntman and Chronic. In addition to his classic comedic work with Richard Marin as the Cheech& Chong duo, Chong has also appeared in Zootopia and That ‘7 0s Show.

Comic book writer Robert Kirkman also shows up during the SDCC sequence of the Reboot. Best known for co-creating The Walking Dead, Kirkman has also lent his hand to writing Ultimate X-Men, Irredeemable Ant-Man and Marvel Zombie for Marvel Comics.

In a mid-credits scene, Jake Richardson and Nick Fehlinger reprise their capacities from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as two continue young sons who purchase weed from the titular duo.

Kevin Smith’s circle of proud comic geeks made a grand return for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Appearing together for a reunion committee from the cancelled, real-life AMC series are Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Ming Chen, and Mike Zapcic.

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Appearing in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as a reviewer called Jerry N. Executioner, Craig Robinson is best known for his roles in The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine, and This Will come to an end. Recently, he likewise had a subsidized its participation in the Eddie Murphy Netflix vehicle Dolemite Is My Name.

Interestingly fairly, onetime WWE and current AEW celebrity Chris Jericho appears in the Reboot as the Ku Klux Klan’s Grand Wizard.

Brian Quinn( better known as Q) shown in in the Reboot as a Bluntman cosplayer. In addition to being able to serving as one of the legions on Impractical Jokers, Quinn has also appeared on Smith’s Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave podcast.

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Chris Wood sees as a agreement attendee. The actor is most known for his personas as Mon-El in Supergirl and Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries.

Jesse Rath looms as a pattern attendee. Rath is best known for his personas as Queri Dox and Brianiac-5 in Supergirl.

Actor and comedian Fred Armisen can be seen in the film as an Uber driver. The comic musician is most known for his various parts on Saturday Night Live, as well as his supporting roles in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Easy A.

Diedrich Bader is reprising his persona from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as a security guard. In addition to his live-action achievements in humors such as Napolean Dynamite and Office Space, Bader has also enunciated the Dark Knight in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Harley Quinn, and even Young Sheldon.

Also appearing in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot are fellow Fatman Beyond co-host Marc Bernardin, and executive farmer of Clerks: The Cartoon David Mandel.

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