iZombie 5×02 “Dead Lift” Season 5 Episode 2 Extended Promo – KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR GUEST STARS — Liv( Rose McIver ), on fitness leader abilities, and Clive( Malcolm Goodwin) continue investigating a murder with no figure and no indicate. Meanwhile, Peyton( Aly Michalka) approaches councilman Zed( guest hotshot Kareen Abdul-Jabbar) with a request but doesn’t get the answer she was hoping for. Lastly, Liv surprises Major( Robert Buckley) with a pithy gesture just when he needed here the most. Rahul Kohli, David Anders and Bryce Hodgson also wizard. Michael Fields targeted the occurrence written by Philip Hoover& Jacob Farmer (# 402 ). Original airdate 5/9/ 2019. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more iZombie season 5 promos in HD!

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iZombie 5×02 Extended Promo/ Preview “Dead Lift”
iZombie Season 5 Episode 2 Extended Promo
iZombie 5×02 Extended Promo “Dead Lift”( HD)


>> Watch iZombie Thursdays at 8: 00 pm on The CW
>> Starring: Rose McIver, Aly Michalka, David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin

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