The AAPI creator focuses on her desire of sort indicates pressing up against her nouveau desire to go camping. And it’s freakin’ delicious and hilarious.

A breath of fresh air in the outdoor podcast infinite, Texas comedian Ivy Le — a self-described indoor person — makes her citified curiosity for the outdoors into a full-bore audio format.

The first season of her fantastic podcast” Fear of Going Outside “ tackles issues of race, education, and the matters that the less outdoorsy among us have for the more outdoorsy characters. And although serious topics come up throughout, the ebullient sort of Le’s recital is both enlightening and entertaining.

And the extent of the first season is Le’s wildly amusing and overzealous the context of the preparations for her first camping trip. She dogs friends for outdoorsy floors, becomes patronizing at REI, has a therapy session on mental preparedness, hikes with an Indigenous outdoor organizer, goes on her first off-trail hike, and more.

Though she posits that it’s a support for people who are in the same boat of being outdoors-curious, I’d bar that it’s equally recreation and instructive for folks well-versed in the outdoors.

It’s easy to root for Le along her tour. Dive in and enjoy.

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