As “youre seeing” I’m not the ugliest party alive for sure, but I do have a glaring facial breach. This is especially the case if you look at my face from the side.

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The functionings I will need to have a more projected lower third in my face, and probably better functional nibble in the future( but that’s not the most important reason I’m getting them) are this; a LeFort 1 with bar clockwise pirouette of the upper jaw and my lower jaw moved forward. This will retain my already reasonable chew, but too give me an actual chin and jawline.

You may be wondering; “is the procedure plastic surgery or medical? ” Most people don’t know this, I didn’t understand it either at first; in the case of orthognatic surgery, the line is blurred. What looks better will likewise inspect better, I won’t have the snore concerns my papa developed when I’m his age because my airway will be opened up.

I am not doing this for anybody except in cases of myself, if my posture and beliefs didn’t already establish you I don’t care about the opposite gender, the same gender, the other genders, or any member of the human race then let me say to you that right now.

I’m currently 6′ 1 and 165 pounds, I stripped myself down 25 pounds so that I could get a little bloated face but it seems like adjourned jaws are what’s stimulated this. I have a very weak bone structure.

I have $30,000 of my own coin right now thanks to a recreation happen seeing Bitcoin. I made that coin in apple inventories. I may have to borrow $25,000 or so from my family and fee that back over a few years for this surgery.

I feel like it will solve a problem with my face I preoccupy over for 5-6 hours a day and that impacts my daily life vastly. The surgeon I want to go with is Michael J Gunson. He is the best surgeon in countries around the world for this procedure and the majority of members of the other surgeons, even those who have trained under him, have disappointed at least a few of their procedures. Gunson has never neglected a procedure and is known to be a total perfectionist both in sentiment and results.

“Getting plastic surgery performs you was like a doll! “

This doesn’t making such a ability in the slightest fragment. How can somewhat changing one of your facial features conclude you was like a doll?

The procedures that people are usually thinking of are cosmetic procedures which are quite literally not reconstructive surgery; such as botox, fillers, or soft material augmentation. I don’t feel like I have to explain this to anybody with half a brain but if you want to dispute that plastic surgery results are worth it if you go with a good surgeon and are smart in what you ask for, satisfy do message me back.

I’ve even listened the ridiculous view that “plastic surgery will spawn you objectively unattractive, that is a fact.” This is again, simply not true.

The reason why I want to have this risky and nonreversable procedure instead of moving the normal direction and getting silicon implants is because this actually augments the bone of the face itself. It will likewise give me more maxilla projection which embed cannot do, as I have a recessed maxilla bone.

Those are just my proposes. I plan to consult with Gunson and have the surgery done and everything before I turn 19.


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