ice fishing tent and antenna in a snowy field

Cross-pollination between different activities and industries can furnish some reasonably useful procedures or commodity combinings, and[ Steve] shares some details on using ice fishing gear to realize winter ham radio tasks more pleasant and portable.

Radio operator inside ice fishing tent in winterWith the assistance of a folding tent sanctuary,[ Steve] was able to create a minimal and self-contained field station that hosted all his needed equipment, and with the help of a small propane heater, abode quite comfortable during a 24 hour winter event.

For those interested in the radio tip of what[ Steve] was doing, he goes into detail about the radio equipment and feeler he utilized, which itself packs readily into a pouch and defy high winds with success. The point of the happening after all was emergency preparedness, and while radio can operate without a wider infrastructure to support it, antenna design is crucial for best arises.

As for obstructing the adventurer safe and sound during all this, it turns out that the problem of a pop-up winter shelter that is both light and compact has already been solved by ice fishers; and while it can be fun to roll one’s own mixtures, there’s not always a need to re-invent the wheel.

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