I’m sure I’m miss anything self-evident, I’ll try to lay out my setup good I can. Main LAN is setup as 10. 1.1.1 /8 and VLAN2 is setup as 192. 168.2.1/ 24 if I connect to VLAN1( untagged) I get 10.* IP just fine, if I connect to VLAN2( wifi or cabled) I can not get a 192.* address. I can however name a static IP and everything cultivates perfect.

PFSense is setup with VLAN2 connected to a virtual boundary( OPT1) which is physically attached to the LAN port. OPT1 is setup with its own DHCP server in the 192. 168.2.0 subnet. Gateway and OPT1 IP is 192. 168.2.1 and I designate an allow OPT1 to any firewall ruler and stymie OPT1 to LAN rule.

My switch which is a Cisco SG5 00 is configured with VLAN1 untagged and VLAN2 tagged on both the ports to PFSense and my AP-AC Lite

This is where I get genuinely unsure about my setup. In the Networks page of my Unifi Controller I setup’ LAN’ with Purpose “Corporate”, Interface says USG Required so I left that alone Gateway is 10. 1.1.1 \8 and DHCP mode is set to None. LAN2 I rectify Purpose as “Guest”, left Interface alone again, gateway is 192. 168.2.1/ 24 then VLAN 2 and DHCP mode is also none.

Under Wireless Networks I’ve got my prime wifi setup without a VLAN tag and my patron structure has VLAN checked and 2 entered.

Please let me know if there is any more info needed to help diagnose and thanks in advance for any assistance I’m literally attracting my hair out are seeking to diagnose this. Both youtube videos I’ve ascertained say to do exactly what I’ve done but they don’t get into permutation config much.

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