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No stranger to workplace controversy, Amazon is now under fire in a viral TikTok for its “Voluntary Time Off” policy at warehouses.

VTO, or voluntary time off, is offered to most low-level warehouse works at Amazon. It is an optional choice for employees to end their alterations early without to be paid.

A viral TikTok announced this month by consumer Bando Lil Tay (@ bandoliltay) has over 137,300 panoramas. The video demonstrates Lil Tay at an Amazon warehouse with the caption “when you precisely getting to work and as soon as you signed off you get that send on your screen.”

The video then demo a message on a screen in the depot saying “yo come get this VTO better not tell anyone.” Lil Tay then establishes himself leaving the warehouse, imparting a quietnes clue.

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The video sparked disagreement in the comments section. Many users conveyed how tempting the VTO policy is.

“I be undermining my ankles getting out that entrance, ” one user observed.

“My job has been offering VTO& I obstruct saying I need to stop taking it but when it comes accessible I take it, ” another replied.

“Man it’s hard to resist, ” a third said.

“Why do they do this ??? Too many employees not enough work? ” a fourth questioned.

According to a Medium story written by Will Romano, a writer and former Amazon warehouse employee, store proletarians are often offered VTO on “non-busy” days.

But those who choose to stay–often because they cannot afford to make the day off–are apparently left to pick up the work of those who left for VTO. And sometimes, the working day goes busier and harder to handle for those who are left behind.

“I and other wall developers were left hustling between variou trailers–doing the work of two or three beings at once–while Amazon paid one worker for it, ” Romano wrote online, “We were forced to loading chests at a constant pace into the trucks where air-conditioning was nonexistent and temperatures often felt above 100 degrees.”

Not only is Amazon forcing works left behind to take on extra “back-breaking” exertion, but they’re getting millions in tax breaks while doing it.

Amazon does deals with local governments to bring in jobs in exchange for substantial imposition strokes. But when workers make VTO, it seems their employment may still count toward tax breaks even though Amazon is sending them home without repay.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information to be found online about the details of Amazon’s VTO policy. It’s unknown how often VTO is offered, how that translates to employment records, and how storehouses decide when to offer it.

In the comments section of Lil Tay’s TikTok, customers shared that they are often offered VTO multiple times a week.

“I remember everyday over the summer they use to stay sending me vto requests, ” one user said.

“They be offering VTO a week in advance for the whole week, ” a second user replied.

“Ive been working at my brand-new place for the three months and Ive exclusively done 3 weeks of design, ” a third said.

“We’ve had VTO everyday the past three weeks and I’ve took advantage of daily of it. Bad part the missed coin. I’m tired! ” another commented.

This is not the first time Amazon has been confronted for draconian workplace practises. It has also come under fire for penalise employees for using the lavatory; obtrusive workplace surveillance; tariffing physical strive; and short break hours.

The Daily Dot reached out to the Amazon press team via email and Bando Lil Tay via TikTok comment.

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