Marvel writer Donny Cates at his neighbourhood coffee shop exactly bumped into famed Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno while writing the latest Hulk comic series.

Donny Cates is a comic writer and artist who has worked on entitles for innumerable comic companionships. These have strayed from Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics to Image Comics, IDW Publishing, and Vault Comics. Some of his project has included Relay, Buzzkill, The Ghost Fleet, Interceptor, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Reactor.

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On Twitter on August 6th, Donny Cates shared an experience he had at his neighbourhood coffee shop in Austin, Texas. While working on his latest comic campaign – which is named HULK – Lou Ferrigno marched in. Fans will recognize the bodybuilder turned performer for his exceptional work as the titular attribute of The Incredible Hulk which debuted in 1977 and ran until 1982. This is something that Cates had to say about the experience 😛 TAGEND

Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction, as the stranges of the actual Hulk walking into a coffee shop while a renowned comic novelist is working on the Hulk’s recent undertaking, are rather slim. After all, they had to be in the same city and choose to go to the exact same business over the same hours – which coincidentally strings up at a time when Cates is working on a series he was only recently announced as being attached to. In June, Marvel announced that Donny Cates and Al Ewing would be switching line, with Ewing( whose run on The Immortal Hulk is wrapping up) taking on a Venom series, while Cates( whose keep going Venom is similarly coming to an end) will work on HULK.

Lou Ferrigno was the first actor to show Hulk on film, as the pilots were produced as a 1977 movie named, The Incredible Hulk before the series debuted in 1978. This present made a lot of changes to the character, doing him a seven-foot man, which is to enable more practical effects. The help of CGI in modern interpretations of the Hulk has been a subject of criticism by Ferrigno, who took his physique very seriously for the persona. Regardless of the character’s film portrayal today, Lou Ferrigno will always be remembered as the first on-screen Hulk, and one of the best actors in the character. Bumping into the original Hulk so casually and being able to show him the latest comic work on the character – is unbelievable, hitherto absolutely incredible.

Marvel’s HULK from the team of Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, and Frank Martin is slated for handout sometime in November 2021.

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