Warning: Spoiler for the WandaVision finale below.

It was heavily implied for the last few episodes of WandaVision that Pietro( Evan Peters) was not an alternate account of the brother Wanda( Elizabeth Olsen) enjoyed and lost. The Marvel show’s series finale is not simply confirmed that but proved that “Fietro” was just an actor worded Ralph Bohner selected by Agatha( Kathryn Hahn ). But if he was just a regular person, then how did he have the real Pietro’s super-speed?

The “Agatha All Along” sequence in the occurrence “Breaking the Fourth Wall” confirmed that Agatha had been assuring “Pietro” all along. That episode’s post-credits scene showed that Pietro was acting as Agatha’s henchman and took a snoop Monica Rambeau( Teyonah Parris) into his incarceration. But in the series’ finale Monica took back the upper hand and eventually free-spoken Pietro from Agatha’s hold, uncovering he’d really been a guy listed Ralph Bohner all along.

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Monica’s multiple journeys through the boundaries of the Hex imparted Monica the energy-based superpowers that, for one, enable her to see multiple forms of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum. Because of that, she noticed that Pietro’s necklace was glowing purple. That happens to be the signature dye of Agatha’s magic, indicating that it was what kept him under Agatha’s spell. It’s also what held him Quicksilver’s abilities.

Despite fans’ hopes and hopes for Mephisto or Nightmare, Agatha was always WandaVision’s big-hearted bad. As a powerful sorceress herself, she infiltrated Westview with the hopes of learning how Wanda learned to manipulate Chaos Magic. Casting Ralph as Pietro was a strategy to help her get to the bottom of things. Agatha was fully committed to Westview’s sitcom motif, so making a new Pietro that seemed different than the one Wanda grew up with paying adoration to the sitcom trope of recasting major characters. That, combined with his super-speed earmarked Wanda to trust the new account of Pietro just enough to allow him into her home. Agatha’s mission was nearly successful when Wanda started to talk to Pietro about how she worded the Hex. But when that ultimately proved to be futile, Agatha decided to reveal herself to Wanda and cast Pietro aside.

Casting Peters in this role was a bit baffling and disappointing. Peters famously dallied Peter Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver in the X-Men franchise. Disney now owns Fox, meaning that Marvel ultimately has the rights to the X-Men and mutants. As upcoming Phase 4 movies Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home will be exploring the multiverse, Peters’ appearance in WandaVision understandably headed supporters to believe that he was playing his explanation of Quicksilver and the multiverse had officially been ripped open. But with the Ralph Bohner reveal, it seems hard to imagine how Peters could return as Quicksilver when the X-Men surely make their MCU debut. WandaVision spawned plenty of adventurous and strong alternatives, but the conclusion of the phony Pietro storyline simply wasn’t one of them.

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