Phew! All of your panic and distres are over. You have just finished your job interview and you can let out a big sigh of succour! But don’t get all too cozy just yet. There’s one more ordeal you have to follow-through to cement the good impression you’ve made — send a follow-up email after the interview.

Why Interview Follow up Emails Are a Big cheese?

The big gesticulate of sending a quick thank you email after an interrogation can make a major difference in your quirkies of coming a callback.

There are various very clear reasons why you should ever follow-up your interrogations 😛 TAGEND

You show appreciation and re-confirm your eagerness to join the team. Follow-up emails allow you to provide some extra information or share something you forgot to mention during your interview. You can get shutdown and some extra peace of mind by questioning the recruiter about your action. Lastly, you accommodate the HR with a speedy reminder on your status — something the hectic kinfolks will always admire.

And no, sending a follow-up email after an interview does not draw you look like a pest. To the contrary, it’s a courtesy most boss will genuinely increase!

When To Follow-Up After an Interview

This may be a bit of a bummer, but — there’s really no right or wrong timing. You’ll have to go in with your intestines to decide when it’s the best time to follow-up on your interview.

job interview process

But we do have several pointers that should help you zoom in on the right terming 😛 TAGEND

Sending a thank-you email can be done the same/ next day the interrogation. In fact, 80% of HRs “says hes” take thank-you indicates into account when meeting hiring decisions. The same rises for a follow-up email after phone interviews. Keep both short and sweet. Recap the matters you’ve discussed, reconfirm your interest, and thank the interviewer for their time. Repair with the employer timeline. Most HRs will be the first to tell you when you can expect their decision. If you heard crickets from them within that time, take it as a indicate to follow-up. If else, send the firstly follow-up in two weeks after the interview — generally, that’s a good timeline for large companies to make their decision.

With all the whys and whens out of the way, let’s move to the more exciting part of actually writing a kicker follow-up email.

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After Interview( Sample Emails)

So you already know that you can send several types of interview follow-up emails — a thank-you email and a general follow-up email. On top of that, you can follow-up to accomplish several different things 😛 TAGEND

Reconfirm your eagerness Politely asking updated information Brought forward by new information Address some topic during the interview

Our team lined up several after-interview follow up email templates for all of these instances. But before you swipe those, let’s recap some quick best practises of email decorum 😛 TAGEND

Ever provided a positive tone with your email. Try to reinforce the reasons why you believe you are a good are suitable for the role on offer. Save your email short and on-point. Get to your purpose quickly and include a clear call-to-action in the end aka something you crave the other party to do next( e.g. provide you with an update ). Include any useful information that you didn’t get the time to pass on to your examiner. You may have run out of time and failed to mention an example of where you demonstrated your skills as a crew president or how you lay a new workplace procedure that helped to improve productivity degrees by 20%. Clarify and answer any interview questions that you felt you didn’t answer very well. Interviewers know that job candidates come excitable during their interviews, so will be undertaken in if you seldom stumble over written answers.

Sample Thank You Email After Interview

While as much as 80% of HRs value receiving a thank you email post-interview, only 24% of applicants actually go about transmitting one, according to the above-mentioned survey.

It’s a shame because thank you notes are easy-to-write and delightful-to-send. Plus, doing so helps to keep your interview fresh in the minds of the employer. Your email, sounding up in their inbox, can act as a powerful remembrance setback after a few days of back-to-back interviews.

This may be obvious, but it’s best to be territory: send a thank you email to the person you’ve had an interview with and the recruiter who rectified you up. If you forgot to make a note of the figure of your interviewer on the day, you could look them up on the company website and find their contact email. CC both email addresses.

Now comes your note 😛 TAGEND

Subject line: Re: Interview on Thursday 12 th at 10 AM


Subject line: Thank you for my interview on 12 th September

[ HR Name ],

I’d like to thank you for coordinating the interview for me on 12 th September for the position of( place the number of jobs designation here ). Meeting you in-person was absolutely entertaining and I relished the intro you opened about the company.

[ Interviewer mention, if different ], it was very pleasant to meet you too. I hope that you knew our speech as beneficial as I did.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information from me.

[ Your Name]

Sending a straight-forward thank you message such as this and finishing off your email with an open present for them to contact you for more information will show the employer that following your interrogation you are still interested in the job. It likewise keeps the lines of communications open between you and the employer.

Second Follow Up Email After Interview

After you’ve completed your thank you note, observe your docket for the next interrogation follow up email — a more substantial reminder that could reinforce and support your job application.

A second follow up email after an interview can be a great boulevard for resolving any issues you may have or purely ask about the status of your application.

Here are several tests you can use, depending on the occasion.

General Follow Up Email To Send in One or Two Weeks After the Interview

Let’s look at a sample email that you are eligible to nip to match your event. This is a straightforward template that you can use where you felt everything went OK during your interview.

Use your follow-up as an opportunity to present any extra information that you feel is crucial to your recruitment likelihoods 😛 TAGEND

Hello[ Name ],

I am following up concerning my job interview on( appointment and term) for the post of( errand entitle ). Please could you update me with your the successes and let me know if there is any more information that you would like me to supply in support of my work?

Since we last spoke, I have been previously started is currently considering[ application X] that your corporation is using for customer support and already completed an Intro education module.

Anyhow, I would like to confirm that I am still interested in the position and look forward to hearing back from you.

Once again- thank you for your time and consideration of me for this position with your company.

[ Your Name]

Sample Follow Up Email Addressing an Interview Issue

If you feel that you didn’t give the best answer to some interview questions or suddenly recollected another interesting data bit, use your follow-up email to bring this up.

Hello[ Name ],

I hope everything is well at your dissolve. I just wanted to follow-up on the status of my have applied for[ responsibility deed ].

Also, I remembered that during our interview on[ year ], you’ve asked me about how I was dealing with[ some common trouble] in my current persona. Recently, I tried[ an idea or solution ], and it[ organized a positive outcome, backed by data ].

Perhaps this is something we can also discuss during the next interview?

[ Your Name]

Pro tip: Send your email as a response to an already established email thread that you have with the employer. This mean you stand a better probability of going your email opened promptly as it looks like a resumption of an established speech rather than a brand new one.

Test Follow Up Email Requesting an Update

Lastly, if a potential employer didn’t follow-through on their promise to update you on your interrogation within the pre-agreed timeline, it’s your sacred duty to follow-up. First of all, everyone deserves closure and you can get one. Secondly, things can often fall through the fissures and the hectic HR may have just forgotten to update you on time. So if your goal is to politely nudge the other party, try this template 😛 TAGEND

Hello[ Name ],

Haven’t heard from you since our last-place interview on[ appointment] for[ profession arrangement ]. I don’t want to rush your decision-making, but wanted to check-in if you have any informs seeing my employment?

I’m still very much interested in working at[ Company reputation] and is believed that I could be a great asset to the team.

Look presented to an update from you.

[ Name]

Writing Winning Follow-Up Emails isn’t Rocket Science

The whole purpose of sending a follow-up email after your job interview is to emphasize your value to the employer and prompt them to update you with their own decisions. It’s a simple step countless task nominees fail to fix. So don’t be among those!

You now have the tips and templates for writing on-point and impactful follow-up emails for different scenarios!

This article has been originally published on March 11, 2019 and has been extensively revised and updated on September 8, 2020.

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