Sounds like Al Sharpton isn’t fortunate with Travis Scott for agreeing to perform with Maroon 5 at the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show. Guess he doesn’t like the idea of a successful black husband acting for a HUGE audience and making a lot of fund doing so.

Seems sorta backward, don’t you think?

Don’t worry, Charles Payne called Al out and it was PERFECT 😛 TAGEND

Al Sharpton called me “scared” during a church service he was guest orator. His specialty is affecting blacks that work hard for opportunities and accomplishment. These various kinds of bullying attacks hurt the black community far more than KKK ever did or could.https :// 47 MeuYWNBH

— Charles V Payne (@ cvpayne) December 23, 2018

From Fox News 😛 TAGEND

Rev. Al Sharpton flung Scott, claiming that Scott virtually turned his back on the Black Lives Matter movement and police inhumanity against people of color by agreeing to perform at the NFL’s biggest night.

” I judge anyone that goes into the halftime show is in effect immediately violating those that want to raise the question that the NFL should come to periods with what they have done and are still to do to Colin Kaepernick and those that demonstrate on criminal justice issues ,” Sharpton told TMZ in a clip announced early Saturday.

What a schmuck.

No wonder Charles was soes ticked off.

I hope this kid Travis Scott acts before what could be “the worlds largest” audience in the history of performing.

— Charles V Payne (@ cvpayne) December 23, 2018

And that he makes serious bank doing it.

God bless America.

Charles, you are a role model, an revelation and a danged good t v temperament, he can’t even stand in your pall, keep on maintaining on Brother Merry Christmas and God’s blessings

— Charlie Daniels (@ CharlieDaniels) December 24, 2018

We so adore Charlie Daniels.

Sharpton is a fraud, you sir are the real bargain, keep your chin up, and keep abreast the great work, hope you and their own families have a great and consecrated Christmas

— Poochie Pup’s Servant (@ djeffery5 47) December 24, 2018

Thanks @cvpayne for being an advocate for what is right. Watch you everyday and will always

— Christy Cormier (@ ccormier1 747) December 24, 2018

Charles, you Sir are legit! You are a great sits and inspiration to everyone out there following in your strides searching better opportunities and accomplishment. You motivate me! The insignificant, Rev, has sold out to Special Attentions, corporate America. An Irritable talking head!

— Centurions World (@ DavidCl2 1474345) December 24, 2018

Although I fully support @Kaepernick7‘ s choice, I equally stand by Travis Scott. Furthermore, Al Sharpton should be in prison while Charles Payne helps as a role model for all people. He’s a broadcast professional and a gentleman who has always welcomed my opposing opinions.

— Rob Taub (@ robmtaub) December 24, 2018

Charles is the man.


His reputation is perfectly awful…

— Margaret J. Cofer (@ MargaretJCofer) December 24, 2018

Dear Charles- thanks for having the fortitude to point out the truth about Al Sharpton. No one has done more to keep intolerance alive than Al. Best thoughts, Stephen

— Stephen Bjorndal (@ BjorndalStephen) December 24, 2018

Stephen now may be onto something.

It’s a prevail formula for people like him. Obstructing kinfolks picturing they need to be saved is very prosperous.

— Diggety Dog (@ diggetydog6 8) December 24, 2018


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