Bare with me its going to be tedious but hopefully worth your while if you feel alone in this experience if you’ve ever had such a radically mind flex to not mind jailbraking godlike know-how

Hei guysi just want to let you know I’m dyslexic and are not good at writing in English. But I will do my best. I want to share my darkest moment in man but first

I need to say that im not new to the experience of no soul it was magic to say the least. I’ve communicated with person or persons I’ve never met almost telepathically and perplexed the philosophical higher knowledge of self in to my integrating of transhuman energetic selflessness where I’ve never been more awake. It was a if I’ve been sitting in the shadow of experience in its most radical hard-core self.

Like a bud did the most unfathomable rushing of pure love reveal itself in the dicection of dicection and self devilry. When I was talking about the ogre I’m referring to every thing we do witch is not in tune with our authentic ego.

I cried watching the room as if I was born a brand-new and determine it for the first time. I could have won a million Nobel peace premiums. They would never compare to the confidence that truth brought me. And it became apparent that the reason why is because of fear of love.

I started to cry, feeling Meta-trancendant peace, knowing that none of their own families or friends to even experience, it was as if I was shot out a gun and knew life-time above a coldly sundown in evacuate gravitation fir a few seconds where unadulterated enjoy showered me with nothing like any movie can evoke love to be.

The To the extent Wehere capability, faculty of primitive articulation to even vindicate the moment, one convict came out and stirred ability “oh my GOD! ” “Allah”

But i have forgetting the ability in practice and become a zen devil. In the relative dualistic nature of such knows without proper discipline or integrating.

Today I live as a calendar angel ..( not literary” but forcefully wise like al of us more or less. I seek refuge in porn, weed, and watching movies peculiarly marvel movies.

I love cinemotigrahpy to my core. The movies of marvel are like standing by a lagoon, and merely picturing and feeling the thought of that potential of truth in my past experience.

I have trued to hop and I ocationaly drown in the thoughtfulnes bidding it was present .

Which I are well aware paradoxically or ironically dose by experience.

I’ve over encouraged The jang and I’m out of control I’ve had lost thoughts and lost to inclinations and kneeling in the face of life, expansion and dread. I’m waiting a son coming and I’ve been submitted to depressin, suicide thoughts and lack of commitment, heroism to change. Ive been paralysed in to the comfort of treachery, antagonism and jealousy.

I’ve had phenomenal mystical ordeals I’ve cried for the world to see within themselves.

But that is just a faded candles of remembrance fastened back in empty space. I ever visualized the spiritual ordeals say and the coming future of drinking ayahuasca to set me free. But It recurs me more then anything.

What am I to do with all this hording of gumption and information on an vacate island patrolled by nihilistic shark’s.

I was once a person who become good at everything I say my judgment to, a innovative someone, ready to show the world. I tried everything but this things are but endows wrapped as ghost’s from the past.

People knew me I was some body. But psychedelics realized me participate. To never fall to sleep once more. Everything that’s is left is my crushed self seduced to booze from the beaker of substance lustfull lethal. To get back.

I’m addicted to the sorceress candy.

And blinded by the light.

Where will the dance with Dantes inferno stop.

All in querying is what do I do.

I met my deamon. In a place of no time and infinite, locked away in infinity with a ghastly dimension of unadulterated fare afraid of letting travel.

The in the area became deamon like. In the chamber did my friends find morph in to something like a satanic prankster, razzing my sensation in every move I made.

With no intensity or targets to obscure from mysel, was I energetic draped and drained by fare.

My knees crumbled with my face on the floor.

I grasped for ear and couldn’t move.

“What do I do now

What is that I.

Can’t cant do this anymore.

J can’t breathe

I’m going to die

Letting go and die became the only mercy.

This was my first meeting with shrooms. These words can’t even apologize its own experience. Thus is not ever like this thi shrooks can be so beautiful when you learn to integrate the gumption after such expeditions. And hence recognize the intelligence of the symbiotic nature with it as u in nature. You can also just have more upbeat knowledge. Recognise that I say upbeat and not positive. As u know numerous parties of dualistic perception to therfore make a bad trip a negative thing as in a bad thing. Yes it’s spooky but necessary.

My question is do any if you know who, what to do or contact or to do to get me out of this enclosure. Please. Tank you.

If you’ve tried psychedelics by microfilming, read a book or something let me know.

I’ve heard Joe rogan are talking here about hover. And I want to try it.

I guess all u want to do is trust myself again and give back.

A funny thing with some psychedelics knowledge like for example molly prepares you just want to share the adore knowledge with others. If you want me to write down how my experience with it was let me know.

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