WarnerMedia has announced a May 2020 start time for new subscription streaming service HBO Max, which full include the complete HBO service and library of content, as well as brand-new original material. That will add up to around 10,000 hours of content available at launch, including past punch HBO pictures like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos, and recently acquired content like South Park, Friends and Rick and Morty.

HBO already has two streaming services: HBO Go, which is available to clients with an existing HBO cable container, and HBO Now, which is the option for cord-cutters. However, while those are focused on making existing HBO pictures available to stream, HBO Max will be a much more robust busines, render not only the entire HBO library but likewise 31 brand-new originals within its first year, growing to 50 in 2021, and a large additional library of licensed content. With all this in one package, HBO Max represents serious challenger for Netflix, Disney +, and other streaming services.

WarnerMedia was acquired by AT& T in 2018( after an antitrust prosecution filed by the Department of Justice was ruled in the conglomerate’s favor ), and AT& T will be heavily pushing HBO Max to its 170 million-strong existing customer base in the coming months. The first time of HBO Max will be available for free to customers who have an existing AT& T TV service.


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