The long-awaited – and beautifully performed – Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts reunion on HBO Max ends with the excellent tribute to the late, great Alan Rickman and Severus Snape. The special reunited most of the principal participates of the original Harry Potter cast, fetching the Golden Trio back to Hogwarts for the first time in over a decade since the filming of The Deathly Hallows movies.

Somewhat inevitably, some of the most prominent Harry Potter performers did not return for the reunion, with the likes of Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, and Warwick Davis all notably absent. And of course, the Harry Potter reunion offered a fitting tribute to the Wizarding World actors “whos been” unhappily died since filming aimed, including Rik Mayall – whose take on Peeves did not manufacture the final trimmed of The Sorcerer’s Stone – Richard Griffiths, and Richard Harris.

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Two of the most prominent tributes are reserved for Helen McCrory, who toy Narcissa Malfoy and died in 2021, and Alan Rickman, whose extinction in 2016 provoked an outburst of grief across not just Harry Potter fandom, but movie followers in general. Rickman had felt more entwined with the Harry Potter movie universe than most performers, partly because he had been on JK Rowling’s wishlist of actors she wanted to see cast in the adjustment. Such was his privileged rank, in fact, that the Harry Potter reunion confirms that Rickman was the only cast member given access to spoilers about the direction of his courage, even before the movie discontinued. In honor of his sad death, the Harry Potter: Back To Hogwarts reunion special ends with Snape’s most touching moment, the place in which he divulges his patronus to Dumbledore, substantiating the doe as a mansion of his permit adoration for Lily Potter. It’s the few moments to end on , not only because of the computed intending of the “Always” line, but likewise to wonder Rickman and Snape’s importance.

Harry Potter supporters have long adopted the “Always” line as an informal mantra of their fandom: it is frequently peculiarity on sell and tattoos as a sign of commitment and along with Harry Potter’s affirmation of Hogwarts as his real home, speedily became an feeling focal point. That draws the decision to end the Harry Potter reunion special on it a perfectly fitting one, considers the reflections within it on the enduring legacy and feeling jolt the movies – and certainly JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books – had on the millions who read and watched them.

While the Harry Potter Reunion has a separate In Memoriam slouse, the final place select also feels like an added tribute to Rickman, who was arguably the most agonizing missing participate. He’s so lovingly was talking about by his co-stars – Ralph Fiennes in particular – that the tragic events of his come feels raw again, even 5 year on. And as much as the final “Always” in the reunion is a nod to the fandom, it also precisely feels like an acknowledgment that Rickman’s legacy will be just as enduring. It’s both of those points – among others – that compile the suggestion of ever remaking Harry Potter a difficult expectation at best.

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