In true-life Frankenstein fashion, streamer Rinnegatamante is producing the dead PlayStation Vita back to life by unofficially porting Grand Theft Auto III and potentially Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the now-defunct handheld console. Since Sony announced it would no longer cause handhelds last year, including the Vita, the little console that could is now almost entirely dependent on tiny indies and informal ports to stay afloat in players’ memories. But small-scale, diehard fanbase is determined to bring vitality back to the Vita by porting two of the most significant deeds in gaming record to a console that is, by most bars, one of the least successful handhelds ever made.

The PlayStation Vita struggled to stay afloat from its inception to its eventual downfall in a market previously dominated by Nintendo’s handheld successions. Comparably more expensive and with a smaller, less diverse library, the Vita did, however, manage to survive for longer against the Nintendo juggernaut than many of its other peers thanks to strong marketings in Japan and a cabal of equipment geeks who praised its technical design and prowess. But after Sony trimmed the cord in March 2019, its existence is now almost entirely dependent on the perseverance and dedication of third-party developers and technically proficient hardcore fans. Rinnegatamante is one such hardcore devotee, and with his ports of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, he’s bringing his -AAAgame to the Vita.

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At the time of writing, construct the Grand Theft Auto III port is already well underway, although hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, thanks to the console’s restriction equipment. An early version that Rinnegatamante streamed demonstrated a port that was glitchy and almost impossible to play, but precede updates over the course of just a few dates have shown massive progress. Rinnegatamante and a friend, still further unnamed, have been working on fixing the port, and the most recent update indicates a game that is almost entirely playable.

No release date has yet been set for the Grand Theft Auto III port, other than “soon, ” and as far as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City runs, Rinnegatamante has alluded that he’s started work, but it’s unknown how much progress has been obligated. But musicians can expect the Grand Theft Auto III port during the coming dates, based how quickly Rin has managed to improve the quality and gameplay of the port, although musicians will need hacked PS Vita consoles to play it.

No word hitherto on when Rockstar, never a fan of projects that even remotely resemble the intellectual property rights, will be storming Rinnegatamante’s house with kindles, pitchforks, and a cease-and-desist letter. Located on the publishers’ past litigious behavior and the growing audience the developer is attracting, it’s likely only a matter of time.

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Source: Rinnegatamante

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