When Inside Out punched theaters in 2015, it payed acclaim from both reviewers and audiences — much more than you’d expect for the purposes of an inspired cinema. But Inside Out offered something right on the surface that most enlivened movies time don’t bring to the table( at least not without a deeper gaze ): an expedition of complicated spirits. As a mother, it’s impossible not to get misty-eyed watching the movie with your adolescents or even when simply thinking about how important an animated movie that attacks such complex feelings is for little ones. So, really, we don’t accused you one flake for wanting to track down all the movies like Inside Out is in addition to your family movie night list.

In case it’s been a minute since you’ve seen this gem, the movie follows 11 -year-old Riley just after she and her family move across the country. For anyone who has raised a tween or teen, you know their feelings take tumultuous turns — sometimes apparently by the minute. Add in a big move and strives at Dad’s work, and you get a kid experiencing depth, confounding sentiments for the first time.

Take, for example, Riley’s initial decision to run away( fueled by feeling, chiefly ), her change of heart( fueled by sadness at the idea of missing their own families ), and the moment when she reunites with her parents. She’s happy to be with her mothers again and feels enjoyed as they hug her. However, that doesn’t take out the anger and hurt she was feeling before her return. What Inside Out includes in that large-hearted moment is how a person can feel more than one thing at a time — and that growing up means learning how to juggle those affections when they all come cannoning down at you at once.

While no cinema has made such a literal look at involved excitements as Inside Out, a slew of excellent movies continue to deal with those” large-hearted feelings .” Here got a few of our favorites.

Movie Like Inside Out That’ll Stir Up Your Emotions 1. Onward( 2020)

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