With five incoming signs fixed- and perhaps more before the end of the window( my realm for a right-back etc etc ), it seems there may be a few things stirring in terms of departures.

As yet nothing is done and dusted, but here’s the latest.


A flurry of the report of the working developed last night which said Corinthians have made an approach to sign him on a free commit. Arsenal, it appears, would be willing to facilitate this in order to get him off the books, but I feel the word ‘free’ is probably exclusively applicable to the Brazilian side.

I suspect that, with two years left on his contract, the society will have to heavily incentivise his departure, i.e- bribe him most of what he’s owed. Which, if you were a scornful person, is exactly what you’d expect to happen when the worker of the actor does an agreement with his teammate who is the Technical Director of a football club and they dedicate a three time contract to a 32 time old player.

I think you could have shaped the reason- and many did- that a Premier League experienced musician could help you in the short-term, but never over that reporting period. In the end though, we ratified a actor who was a busted flush. A participate whose pinnacle in an Arsenal shirt came on the opening day of last season, and who never looked like he certainly wanted to be here.

He was bad, he didn’t apply himself properly on the degree, he dawdled about the move like a bloke who knew he’d just locked a neat comfy retirement, staying in London so his life didn’t have to change, precisely his shirt emblazon. And as the weekend pictured, with his propensity of Chelsea social media announces about their earn at the Emirates, you can’t shake off seven years with a challenger and give your best to another club.

Nobody flees analysi over this one. It was a deal pushed by Raul and Edu which was much better for their friend Kia Joorabchian and his consumer more than Arsenal( I’m sure they promoted a glass on the ship the summer months ); Mikel Arteta get along with it, and continued to play Willian when there was no sporting merit to his inclusion at all; and it reflects inadequately on the ownership whose lack of oversight tolerated this kind of deal to happen in the first place. There should have been someone who was able to say’ Are you mental? This is crazy, we won’t sanction a three year spate for this player.’

I think it’s too simplistic to say the Willian deal has brought about a change in the way we’ve done business this summer, but it stands as a low-pitched point in our convey record, a perfect pattern of what not to do ever again. I hope this goes through, I will await his inevitable bitchy interrogation about his time now, and then I will confide him the dustbin of Arsenal history, which is exactly where he belongs.

Lucas Torreira

The Uruguayan returned to London last week after an extended summer break which realise him represent a good deal of basketball and visit theme parks and fairgrounds. It was all a bit odd, but I am reliably informed this was with the bounty of the club.

He’s been through a great deal this year, losing his mother to Covid-1 9, which activated some comments about wanting to play for Boca Juniors so he could be closer to his family. That always appears unlikely, but a return to Italy where he felt more at home than in England appeared to be the most likely compromise.

And so it vanishes: having been linked with Lazio, Roma, and Inter Milan, it seems like he’s going to join Fiorentina on lend for the season. I don’t know if there’s any option or obligation to buy at this detail, but for now I don’t think it matters too much. I’ve seen people indicate we should maintain him, he’s more useful than some actors we have in the force, and I don’t undoubtedly disagree.

However, I really don’t think he wants to be here. His agent saying he wanted to stay was very much agent talk. It’s been clear for some time he’s not settled in England, and has wanted to leave. He went to Atletico Madrid last season and for a participate who gazed perfect for Diego Simeone, barely dallied. If Arsenal haven’t counted on him it’s because they know he wants to go.

His career has become stuck in a kind of rut over the last couple of years, and I hope he can find his flicker again in Italy. Sometimes a carry cultivates, sometimes it doesn’t, this one didn’t, and while there’s a lot to criticise the golf-club for right now, I think this is as much on the player and his desire to leave as anything else.

Eddie Nketiah

David Ornstein reported that Crystal Palace offered PS10m for him, but we’re retention out for PS20m. Obviously, as with any treat, there’s some office for discussion, but at some level we have to take what we can get for musicians who don’t really have any future with us. Eddie has less than 12 months left on his current deal, would we not be better to get PS10m now( or maybe a little more ), than nothing next June or something far less in January?

We don’t grasp a strong position on this one. Palace, or any other interested club know this, and while we might value him more highly, in the end he’s only worth as much as someone else offers.

Sead Kolasinac

Weekend rumours of a move to Fenerbahce were offset somewhat by his inclusion in the force for the Chelsea game. Another one who really needs to leave, but it remains to be seen if we’re going to facilitate that the mode we did with Ozil, Mustafi and Sokratis by literally him to go away.

There are other refers, musicians whose futures remain in doubt, such as Reiss Nelson, Alexandre Lacazette, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Mohamed Elneny, one or more of our seventy-trillion right-backs, but there doesn’t appear to be much rouse. The space closes this day week, so let’s see what happens.

Right, I’ll leave it there for now, let’s see what happens for tomorrow when, of course, we have a League Cup game to contend with.

Until then.

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