Director Joe Carnahan is known for directing rough and tumble action thrillers, including Smoking Virtuoso, The -ATeam, The Grey, and Boss Level. He’s back at it again with the upcoming action thriller Copshop, bringing together Gerard Butler, Alexis Louder, and Frank Grillo for a conflict in prison.

Grillo portrays Teddy Muretto, a con artist on the run who intentionally tolerates himself to be arrested and jailed by Alexis Louder’s rookie policeman Valerie Young. His attempt to dodge the pursuit of Gerard Butler’s assassin Bob Viddick aims up backfiring where reference is boundaries up in the same jail. As the movie rolls on, their conflict merely grows most intense in countless ways.

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Screen Rant spoke to Gerard Butler and Alexis Louder on the attaining of Copshop, their intrepid and hostile personas in the movie, and the challenges of impelling the movie in the middle of the COVID-1 9 pandemic.

Screen Rant: Hope everyone’s holding up well during the course of its pandemic. What was the experience like of originating Copshop and “whats being” publics expect from it?

Alexis Louder: Yeah, it was amazing; compiling Copshop was so much fun, but you brought up the pandemic, and we shot it in the midst of the pandemic. So, that was an aspect to steer as well. They made the utmost measure for our security, but we were able to make something very fun, and there’s a lot of chaos and mayhem that comes into the small-town police station. You’ve went this rookie officer, Valerie Young, trying to restore law and order when Gerard Butler’s Viddick and Frank Grillo’s Muretto comes into the station.

Gerard Butler: Yeah, I intend, it kind of, it felt appropriate to be making a movie where we’re all locked down mostly in a police station in the middle of lockdown.

Alexis Louder: Locked down!

Gerard Butler: And even though it made a little bit of coming be applicable to certainly, because of all the safety precautions. But at the same time, in some way, it allowed you to focus more and exclusively added to the intensity, which is one of the above reasons I think we all wanted to make this movie, was it felt incredibly intense, with all these mad humen facing up against each other, and this young rookie cop stuck in the crosshairs. It’s just more beings, a psychopath, and then an uber-psychopath, and they just keep coming. So it felt like a chance to induce some actually exhilarating, stimulating theatre that is also irreverent and high-octane and outrageous. And you know it’s heading towards an explosive end.

I was going to ask, was that maybe the most fun part of building towards that explosive purpose?

Gerard Butler: Yeah, I entail, for me, all the panoramas were, it’s like a participate. The three of us genuinely in this room, trying to work each other out, all trying to scheme, and Valerie Young trying to keep regulate of what at times could seem like two very dangerous somebodies, and at other experiences could seem like two whiny children! It felt just like, “I don’t like you, and I don’t wanna.”

Alexis Louder: So settle down and one of you tell me the truth. Just one! I time need one person talking! Yeah, the entertaining divisions were whenever I got to work with that Ruger Blackhawk, doing the rotates and everything, stimulate I rehearsed so hard on getting it, cause it wasn’t a geniu I had in my back pocket. I had to train with a gunslinger, so whenever we got to shoot those, I was like, “Okay, yeah, I mull I’m ready. Let’s do it. I came this joke, I get this gimmick. What you demand Joe, what you want? “

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Copshop is set to pop theaters on Friday, September 17.

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