Micellar water may just seem like another standard makeup removing solution–or at best, a gentle toner that removes excess soil, makeup, and pollutants from the skin’s surface–but it is about to change, it’s got a little more to offer than the conventional water-based formulas we’re used to. Micellar water is in fact , not just a reverie, gimmicky water–it actually contains skin-soothing “micelles”( tiny little petroleum molecules) that allow the formula to gently refine, purge, and even out the skin without over-drying it causing an uncomfortably tighten feeling. While some consume micellar irrigates alone as the central staple in their cleansing chore, others use it to doubled cleanse following an oil, ointment, or gel-based face soak for an extra depth clean.

The best part? Because it’s technically a “water,” it doesn’t require any added spray to gargle it off–in fact, you don’t cleanse it off at all. Simply swipe the liquid onto the skin with a cotton pad of your choosing and follow up with your favorite serums, feet, and paste. While any skin type–oily, combination, and the like–can benefit from incorporating micellar water into their daily chores, it’s especially beneficial for those with sensitive and super-dry skin because it doesn’t row natural lubricants and actually promotes balanced hydration status. Ready to add one to your current lineup? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite effective and affordable formulas to try for yourself.

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