The General Commander trailer flirts Steven Seagal’s recent act vehicle. Seagal, of course, rose to renown in Hollywood after clearing his acting debut in 1988, appearing in successful films such as Hard to Kill and Under Siege. After headlining 2001 ‘s Exit Wounds, Seagal’s career primarily shifted to starring in direct-to-video works, and he’s since lent dozens of approvals to his resume. Despite his advancing age( Seagal is now 66 ), the actor remains as busy as he’s ever seen. He was in five cinemas released in 2016 and another two in 2017.

Next up for Seagal is General Commander, which examines him draw CIA agent Jake Alexander, who takes it upon himself to extract retaliation against a syndicate boss that killed a member of his squad. The cast also includes the likes of Sonia Couling( A Stranger in Paradise) and Byron Gibson( No Escape ). General Commander will shortly be extended to own on Blu-ray and On-Demand, necessitating it’s time to rev up the marketing campaign. War devotees can check out a trailer now.

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Lionsgate unveiled the preview, raising awareness for the film’s upcoming home media release. You can watch it for yourself in the space below 😛 TAGEND

The short-lived trailer soon substantiates the main points of the narrative, where Seagal’s Alexander steps away from the CIA to assemble his own team of spies that will serve right around the world. As the film’s tagline intimates, this group are superstars without strips and do not are responding to any government agency. It goes without saying this sets up a potential conflict between Alexander and the United States, since the CIA possibly won’t be too happy about one of their former members taking materials into his own hands and waging a battle against dangerous delinquents. Nobody’s going to go into General Commander expecting heavy element, but on-paper it has the potential to explore a fascinating moral predicament about what’s “right.”

Very clearly, General Commander aims to be a throwback to old school war cinemas, the kinds Seagal formed his mention on many years ago. While those types of movies are no longer “the worlds largest” commercially viable with respect to box office achievement, there remains a fierce audience for them, so General Commander should be able to fare pretty well for itself formerly it reaches home media. Starting straight to On-Demand sounds like the most wonderful boulevard for this one to make, as it likely would have been lost in the shuffle if it had a traditional theatrical exhaust. Hopefully, Seagal followers find something to enjoy with General Commander and whatever the actor have chosen to do next.

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General Commander will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital, and On-Demand May 28, 2019.

Source: Lionsgate

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