Jaime and Cersei Lannister’s death scene was a lot more plausible in the writes for Game of Thrones season 8. The brother and sister met their downfall in the penultimate episode, but their fate wasn’t supported until the Game of Thrones series finale.

Leading up to Jaime and Cersei’s death in “The Bells, ” Daenerys contributed her units to King’s Landing. With the help of Drogon, she eviscerated the Golden Company as her obliges moved through wall street of King’s Landing. Cersei eventually gesticulated the flag of truce by ringing the bells, but that didn’t stop Daenerys’ rage-filled mission. The “Mad Queen” wiped out what was left of King’s Landing while targeting the Red Keep. Cersei acquired herself alone in the palace until she reunited with her brother/ sweetheart. Jaime, who was already severely injured after fighting Euron, tried to lead his sister through the passageway to the nearby beach, but the move was blocked by rubble. The twinneds then espoused as such structures caved in, humbling them both to death.

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The lifeless bodies of Jaime and Cersei were later found by Tyrion in the following episode, “The Iron Throne.” While scour the rubble of the Red Keep, Tyrion noticed his brother’s gold hand before he disclosed both of his siblings. The season 8 scripts available at the Columnist Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library in Los Angeles( via Insider) received information that Jaime and Cersei’s deaths were meant to be a lot more gruesome. When Tyrion determined the bodies of his brother and sister, the original script described that he detected their “skulls ought to have blackened and shrivelled by the extreme heat of the fires that stormed for hours.” The dialogue too suggested that the Red Keep was engulfed in flames while the ceiling was caving in.

Prior to the Lannisters’ death scene, it was heavily ruminated that Cersei would fulfill her demise by the end of the streak. Numerous viewers had hoped that it would involve a face to face with Arya or Daenerys, but instead the longtime scoundrel was killed by a decay castle, which felt like a comedown in the eyes of numerous love( and cast representatives ). To obligate interests worse, it seemed as though Jaime and Cersei could have avoided the fatality all together if they moved a few feet from the recognize that they were standing in. While Tyrion examined the rubble, parts of the Red Keep seemed intact, becoming the deaths of Jaime and Cersei seem even more inadequately presented on-screen.

If Game of Thrones started with what was in the script, the demise incident peculiarity the Lannister twins would have been much more impactful. Cersei dying by flame would have exposed more of a personal win for Daenerys, since she was using Drogon to decimate the city. It would have also proven more definitive. Viewers wouldn’t have hung on the notion that Jaime and Cersei could have survived the event if the Red Keep was engulfed in “the fires that feelings for hours, ” and Tyrion still could have identified his siblings in the aftermath by Jaime’s golden hand.

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