Today’s post is a listening practice, based on a short clip from a very popular TV series that was screened in 2017 on CBC Drama. The serial is called sb` jr> The seventh neighbour. The evidence focuses on the day-to-day details of the lives of seven different neighbours who live in the same apartment building ysknwn fy nfs l` imr@/ lmbn~ lskny.

This is a 4 proportion upright. In the first part, we’re going to firstly learn the short scenario, in Egyptian Arabic. The next 3 percentages will help you understand it in detail.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

About the clip` n lmqT `:

The scene is taken from a family outing. The 5 maidens sitting at the counter are: Laila, Lamia( sisters/ aunts) and Hala( Laila’s daughter ), Du’aa& Hiba( Lamia’s daughters ). The situation concentrating on a common thing that happens with every Arab family when they eat out. Instead of enjoying their hour, they say about the food they will order and how much it expenses( LOL )!

The Title of the clip >>

( lmW tkhrj m` mm wkhltw ttGdw fy mT` m wykwn “lmnyw” blnjlyzy)

( When you go out with mummy and aunty to have lunch1 and the menu is in English !).

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Scenario( in Egyptian Arabic)

lHwr( blmSry @)

PLEASE make use of the velocity piece on YouTube to help you understand the clip.

* The side we’e studying> until 1:24.

hb @: Tyb’ n bqtrH nkhd lkstr’ bytyzyr lyn kln

lyl ~: dh’ nhy wHd dh?

hb @: htlqyh fy l’wl

yh r’yk y mm?

lmy: zy m ntw` yzyn

lyl ~:’ yw dh hykfyn kln y` ny?

hb @: l mhw msh dh bs .. dh qbl l’kl

lyl ~: dh bmy@ w’rb` yn jnyh

hb @: fyh yh y` ny ?! mhw hytqsm` lyn

lmy: y` ny kl wHd ydf` km?

hb @: y lhwtyyyyy

hb @: kl wHd khms@ wtltyn jnyh

lmy: Tb mshy, Hlw’ wy

hb @: Tyb, htkhdy yh?

nt m btbSysh fy lmnyw lyh y mm?’ n` yz@’ fhm

lmy: mhw klh blnjlyzy, wlHrwf SGyr @, w’n msh shyf @

hb @: Tyb, nfsk fy Hj@` ml@ zy?

lmy: khlS hkl mn lbt` lly btqwly` lyh dh

wlw ny msh j` nh

hb @: y slm! khwdy Hj@ y mm

lyl ~: yh lryzwtw dh?

hl @: Hj@ zy lrz kdh y mm, bs blyTly

lmy: Hlw dh?

hl @: ah Hlw’ wy’ wy

lyl ~: khlS,’ n w’khty hnkhd Tlb njrWbh

lmy: hnkl rz bs kdh?

m nTlb jnbh Ht@ fylyh? wm` lbt` dh, wnqsmh

hl @: liter’ Tb `, Tlb wHd m ynf` sh- lzm kl wHd fykw yTlb Tlb

lyl ~: nt y bnty msh btqwly n lTbq bt` thm hn kbyr @? wlHjt fyh ktyr?

hnkhd kl wHd Tlb n` ml byh yh?

wl’ qwlk .. khlS, kl wHd Tlb .. Ht~ lly ytbq~ nkhdh lhnd’ khtk

ah wllh S` bn@` ly nt` sh~ mn Gyrh

hl @: y mm msh m` qwl kdh! lns` rft qS@ Hytn

lmy:’ n msh` rf@ bq~’ khd yh ..’ Tlby ly’ y Hj@ y hb@ wkhl

hb @: y jd` n kfy@ bw’s bq~! kfy @

m tTlbw lly ntw` yzynh bs` d @! fy yh?

Hnwfr km y` ny? my@ jnyh? mytyn jnyh? msh m` qwl

hw ntw jyyn tt` shw wl jyyn tqtSdw?

======== =P TAGENDThe berth Funny Scene: Family dinner jaunt- Part 1 first appeared on Arabic Language Blog. 1 There is a mistake in the entitle. it’s actually a dinner not lunch!

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