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Between Search, Gmail, and Android, Google’s concoctions have become indispensable to many of us in the years since they’ve been introduced. Though you may know your way around all of Google’s services, as the company recognizes its 20 th commemoration, the company has revealed a handful of lesser-known gratuities, send from the people behind them.


Sagar Kamdar, a director of commodity administration for Android, has two or more solid gratuities, starting with experiencing your design. If you’ve lost your telephone, you can check out the Find My Device website to find it again. Simply signed off to the website and you should be able to see it on a planned, together with possible options for fastening/ erasing it, displaying a word, or toy a echoing sound.

The second major tip-off is to marking adopted contacts as important, so they’ll get through to you if you have Do Not Disturb facilitated. To do this, you’ll need to open your contacts app, then sounds the adept next to their name.

Finally, Kamdar says you can use the Google Assistant to handle system assignments, such as taking a screenshot, enabling the flashlight, or taking a selfie. You’ll need phone calls flowing Android Marshmallow or subsequently to do this, so you should be good if you bought your telephone within the last three years or so.


Chrome‘s Ellie Powers and Chris Beckmann have a few cursors to get the most out of the favourite web browser. To access your browsing autobiography across devices, you’ll need to visit autobiography> full biography> invoice from other devices.

The pair likewise have a handy gratuity for instantly hop-skip between tabs, as you press Ctrl and the corresponding list( 1 for the first invoice, 2 for the second tab) changed into that special tab.

Finally, their last-place cursor is a speedy mode to use emojis in Chrome. To do so, you’ll need to right-click> Emoji in any text field. You should then check the emoji menu, allowing you to sift for that excellent reaction.


Gmail offline mode

Kevin Smilak, a major engineering lead for Gmail, delivers a few tips to effectively master the web browser.

For starters, the Googler says you can create a to-do list item from an email. You’ll need to open the “tasks” panel on the right-hand side and then drag the relevant letter from your inbox to this panel to make a task out of it.

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Smilak’s second tip is to mute message threads, propagandizing the email and future responses to a separate” All Mail” description. You won’t be alerted to future responses, but you can scour your inbox or tour the aforementioned label to find these sends again. To mute a word/ yarn on desktop, you’ll need to open or select the word, then click more/ three-dot menu> soften. To subdue a letter on Android, sounded the three-dot menu> mute.

Finally, the Googler says you too have a window of between five and 30 seconds to unsend an email. Once you’ve sent a mail, you should get a prompt to “undo” the mail( it’s at the bottom left of your screen on desktop ).

Google Drive

The Google Drive logo.

Alexander Vogenthaler, board of directors of product management at Google Drive, says you can add a hotshot to your most important Google Drive documents( three-dot menu> includes ace ). By doing this, they’ll show up in the “Starred” folder in the main menu, giving you immediate access to these items.

Drive too lets you name different versions of the same report, the Googler says. This is to be able to done by reopen the file in Docs, Sheets or Slides, then seeing File> Version History> Name current copy. From here, you can go to File> Version History> See form biography to consider the different versions( with the new refers ).

The final Google Drive gratuity is searching for a utterance you know is inside a PDF or epitome. Google can identify text within them, so if you don’t know the actual word of an persona but you do know a tagline that is contained in it, this might be handy.

Google Play

Google Play Store app Pixel 2 XL AA 3

Kara Bailey, world-wide merchandising administrator for Google Play, has a couple of indications for the storefront. For one, she notes that you can pause a Google Play Movie, then tap the circle around a star’s face informed about them.

Reading a comic or manga from the Play Store? Bailey says you can tap on a articulate bubble and use your volume keys to zoom in on the dialog for easier see. The Googler says you can create a wishlist of entries you want to purchase or set from the Play Store very. Simply visit the item in question, then tap either the icon with the plus signed off it or three-dot menu> add to wishlist.


The Google Maps icon on a smartphone.

Dan Glasgow of Google Maps has a few solid gimmicks to use Maps to its full potential. Glasgow says you can sought for a business in Maps to figure out its most popular durations, time in case you’d like to avoid standing in line or multitudes of people.

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Do you sometimes forget whatever it is you parked your gondola? Maps has a mixture for this as well. Formerly you’ve parked your vehicle, you should sounds the blue dot( representing your place) and select save your parking.

Glasgow also has a tip for parties traveling to an airfield, saying you can search for the terminal refer within Google Maps to get a planned of the building. This action, you don’t have to gallivant around aimlessly to find McDonald’s.


Google’s bread and butter is Search, and the division’s Emily Moxley has a few cool uses for the scaffold. The first tip-off is to search for a song and then tap other logs to find cover-ups of said racetrack. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work for me( or maybe it’s my emo perceive in music) but it’s still an interesting idea.

The second nifty Search-related tip is the ability to quickly find sunset hours for your site by sought for sundown. The final Search pointer is that you can search watch followed by the name of a movie or TV demonstrate to recognize all places that stream this particular part of content.


Brian Marquardt of YouTube has a couple of neat tips-off for the ever-popular video platform, starting with the dark topic. The option, may be consulted on desktop and iOS but rolling out to Android, gives you a dark UI to cut down on glare in a obscurity area. To enable the dark theme on desktop, tour your sketch photo> dark theme. Android users can enable the aspect by sounding profile photo> defines> general> gloom theme.

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The executive notes that you can also speed up or slow down video playback. To do this on desktop, you sounds the arranges gear> quicken, while Android users need to tap the three-dot menu> Playback speed.

The last YouTube tip is that you can use the numbered keys to strive in a video, with each quantity corresponding to a round person. So pressing 1 will take you to the ten percent label, pressing 5 will take you to the halfway celebrate, and so on.

That’s it for the gratuities from Google, but if you have any needles for these products, don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

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