It’s the 50 th anniversary of one of the most triumphant achievements in human history–the moon platform! To celebrate, revisit the iconic depiction of this great moment in the 2018 film First Man. #MoonLanding #NeilArmstrong #FirstMan #RyanGosling

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From Oscar( r) -winning director Damien Chazelle and superstar Ryan Gosling, First Man is the riveting and exultant story behind the first manned mission to the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the events leading to the astonishing Apollo 11 flight–one of the most dangerous goals in history.

(c) 2018 Universal Studios. All Claims Reserved.
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll, Christopher Abbott, Ciaran Hinds
Produced By: Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey, Damien Chazelle, Isaac Klausner
Directed by: Damien Chazelle

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