The upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake will likely add summons from FF7 that have yet to appear in the new timeline. It’s also possible Square Enix will add summons to FF7 Remake 2 that were first introduced in the original game’s spinoffs.

In FF7, players didn’t gain access to summons until they reached the Chocobo Farm outside of Midgar. As FF7 Remake happens during the Midgar section of the original game, Square Enix decided to bring summons forward in the story so players could use them from the start. The upcoming INTERmission DLC will also add Ramuh to the existing lineup of summons.

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Pre-order bonuses and DLC added new summons to FF7 Remake, including Cactuar, one of Zack’s summons in Crisis Core. There’s a chance developers might use other summons from the Compilation of FF7 games and movies, such as the following options.

FF7 had three different versions of Bahamut, and the Compilation added two more, meaning there are five Bahamuts in the FF7 universe. One of these is Bahamut Fury, a golden version of Bahamut from Crisis Core with massive spikes on its wings. Genesis uses Bahamut Fury against Zack, who is able to defeat it in battle. In fact, he fights it several times in Crisis Core and is able to win its Materia in an optional mission. It uses an attack called Exaflare, which turns the moon into a massive laser cannon that obliterates enemies.

In Crisis Core, Zack is able to summon monsters through something called Chocobo Mode, activated using his DMW (Digital Mind Wave) Limit Break system. The Magic Pot appears near the end of FF7 but has yet to appear in FF7 Remake. In Crisis Core, the Magic Pot summon grants free items to Zack. Its gimmick in FF7 Remake 2 could involve the player burning ATB bars in exchange for items it would use on the party, such as Ethers and Elixirs.

Tonberries exist in both the original FF7 and FF7 Remake, and Zack was able to summon them as part of the Chocobo Mode in Crisis Core, so it would make sense for them to appear as summons in FF7 Remake 2. The fact that Tonberries are incredibly slow but can deal a massive amount of damage means they would have their own unique gimmick, compared to the swift summons that already exist.

In the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children film, antagonist Kadaj summons a demonic version of Bahamut called Bahamut SIN – the fifth Bahamut – to destroy the city of Edge. It takes the combined might of Avalanche to defeat it, making it one of the strongest monsters in the series. According to its appearances in Final Fantasy spin-off games, Bahamut SIN’s attack is called Petraflare. Its sheer power could make for a great Final Fantasy 7 Remake sequel summon.

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