Former Nissan administration Greg Kelly has been found guilty of playing a role in helping Carlos Ghosn to allegedly hide more than $ 80 million in deferred compensation.

The 65 -year-old American has been facing prosecution in Japan for more than three years after he was arrested during a business trip to the country in November 2018. He is guilty by a three-judge panel of infringing monetary revealing statutes considering Ghosn’s compensation in one of the eight years under inquiry between 2010 and 2018.

Kelly was cleared on the majority of members of other allegations and was sided a six-month suspended convict by bos reviewer Kenji Shimotsu, Auto News reports. Shitmotsu repudiated the majority of members of the countings against Kelly , noting that a key witness relating him to alleged deferred compensation was not reliable as they had taken a plea bargain with lawyers to avoid prosecution.

Shimotsu also issued Nissan with a 200 million yen ($ 1.73 million) penalize for filing falsified protections reports that failed to account for Ghosn’s full compensation.

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Kelly said he was appalled by the court’s decision and will appeal, although the suspended convict will allow him to return to the U.S.

“I had consistently worked with the best interests of Nissan in intellect, and in no circumstances was I involved in any illegal deed, ” he said. “I am innocent on all counts .”

Prosecutors are also expected to appeal the sentencing decision as they had been aiming a two-year prison term for Kelly.

“We are relieved that the legal process has concluded, and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly can return home, ” U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, said in a statement. “While this has been a long three years for the Kelly family, this chapter has come to an end. He and Dee can begin their next chapter in Tennessee .”

Carlos Ghosn responded to the story by stating that Kelly is “obviously an innocent man” and said that he cries “he will be able to overcome this huge emotional, psychological, fiscal impact inflicted on him by the hostage justice system of Japan.’

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