Great week for Ghostbusters fans.

Not only did chairman Jason Reitman confirm he’s following his father’s footsteps and leading another movie established in the original universe, but we likewise went a fun, new teaser trailer that brought back Elmer Bernstein’s score and the Ecto-1. Of course, the big elephant in the room is whether or not the original sons in white-haired will be around to repel it.

Well, you can count on Ernie Hudson, aka Winston Zeddemore. Harmonizing to The Daily Mail, Hudson vows he’s been waiting for the bellow from Sony:” Ivan Reitman is there and everybody is in. Now whether the studio will do it, I’m the guy who sits by the phone and waits for the bellow. So if they call, I’ll answer. If not, I’ve got other material that I’m doing .”

Seeing how Sony is absolutely on board — they exhausted the teaser trailer on Thursday — it’s clear this interview is prior to the opening of the notice. However, it’s dubious Hudson’s opinion has changed, especially given his reaction to the information 😛 TAGEND

Bigger than a 100 -ft marshmallow man! https :// KG7l9Rv4HQ @dan_aykroyd: If you need a tune-up, u know who 2 entitle #GB20 https :// pvs1l 5Nze9

— Ernie Hudson (@ Ernie_Hudson) January 16, 2019

As you can see, his co-star Dan Aykroyd, aka Ray Stantz, is likewise waiting by the phone, as he tweeted:” If you need a tune-up, u know who 2 order .” Today, he followed up on those sensibilities, offering his accolade to Reitman 😛 TAGEND

“Jason was our first GB cadet and now logically inherits the innovative lead.Plus he’s a superb filmmaker. Pure joy! “

— Dan Aykroyd (@ dan_aykroyd) January 17, 2019

Not astonishingly, Bill Murray, aka Peter Venkman, has yet to comment.

footage Ernie Hudson on new Ghostbusters movie: Everybody is in

Of course, Harold Ramis, who unhappily passed away in 2014, will not be returning as Egon Spengler. However, in the same interrogation with The Daily Mail, Hudson commented on the loss 😛 TAGEND

” We miss Harold, because Harold was actually the cement that I think held everybody together. He was always my go-to point and anything that was a little bit weird, or whatever, Harold was the person who would kind of say,’ Ernie, merely …’ and explain the world to me. And I miss him, but his spirit is there .”

Now, here’s where things get interesting, if not a little muddling. In these reports, The Daily Mail’s generators say that Aykroyd is” the driving force behind the brand-new movie” who” ended a dialogue therapy” for Sony. While we now know Reitman co-wrote the actual script with chairman Gil Kenan, the source’s comments do parallel Aykroyd’s own from back in November.

If you echo, Aykroyd reviewed and considered the sequel on AXS TV’s The Big Interview with Dan Rather, insisting,” There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters, ” confirming that “It’s being written right now .” He even felt self-confident about Murray’s involvement, adding:” I envisage Billy will come. The story’s so good. Even if he plays a ghost.”

Perhaps he wrote the management for Reitman and Kenan to work off of? Or helped them develop intuitions? After all, the Ghostbusters franchise has always been Aykroyd’s baby — and he was even creatively relating to the 2016 reboot — so it’s possible.

Right now, all we are genuinely know is that Reitman is directing, the write is done, and that he’s reportedly” on the lookout to cast four teens in the movie, two young boys and two girlfriends .” That description surely doesn’t fit Hudson, Aykroyd, or Murray, which means they may be waiting by the phone for a bit longer. But, c’mon, they’re gonna get the call.

So be good! For goodness purposes, woaaaaah … Some information is comin ‘!

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