'ER' Actor Deezer D Passes Away at 55-Years-Old

Deezer D, best knows we his persona on ER, has unhappily died, TMZ reports.

The actor- who’s real epithet is Dearon Thompson- was ascertained lethargic at his home on Thursday( January 7) in Los Angeles.

His brother Marshawn told TMZ that the family belief Deezer died of a heart attack, but his official cause of death had not been able to been announced yet.

Deezer underwent major mind surgery to replace hos aorta and a prepare a leaky nature valve back in 2009.

Deezer represented wet-nurse Malik McGrath on ER from 1994 to 2009. He also had characters in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, CB4, and Fear of a Black Hat. Along with being an actor, Deezer was also a motivational orator and a performer in the Christian and underground trendy hop communities.

Our considers are with Deezer D’s loved ones during this difficult time.

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