Screenshot of Apex Legends, showing a dessert landscape and a hand holding a knife, with text in the upper right corner that says “you pinged shield battery.”

A player uses the Ping System in Apex Legend to notify their squad of the presence of a “Shield Battery”. | Image: Electronic Skills

Electronic Arts is pledging to open the patents for some of its accessibility-related tech, including the much-celebrated Apex Fiction ping system, the company announced today. EA says it won’t file infraction disputes against beings or business for using tech that fell within patents listed in the pledge.

The ping system in Apex Myth, which allows people to play the team-based game without hearing or speaking, has been admired both as an affecting alternative to voice chat and as a great accessibility feature for participates with a variety of disabilities. A patent that considers the system( US 11,097, 189) was issued the same day as EA’s announcement of the obligation.

Along with the ping system patent, EA is opening patents for the tech…

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