“The desert takes the poor. My desert. My Dune.” One of the wealthiest members of the Landsraad, House Harkonnen is the bitter rival of House Atreides. This ominou clas is ruled by the cruel, hedonistic Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. As Dune begins, House Atreides has been granted control of Arrakis by the Emperor, dislocating House Harkonnen, “whos had” held the harvesting of Spice for generations. While Baron Harkonnen pretends to be outraged over losing control of Arrakis to his antagonist, Duke Leto, in reality he hopes to use the situation as an opportunity to destroy his antagonist once and for all. Actor Stellan Skarsgard accepted hours of heavy makeup to transform into the odious, morbidly obese Baron, who is buckled into “suspensors” in order to move( or, more precisely, float) and literally lord over other characters.Dune opens n the US and UK on October 22 and in Australia on October 21.

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