It may be surprising, but Dragon Ball’s Bulma and One Piece’s Nami formerly teamed up together to steal the treasure of an foreigner spaceship. In this intergalactic money heist, the leading madams of their respective sequence cause trouble in this Dragon Ball X One Piece crossover manga.

The Cross Epoch one-shot crossover manga is a collaboration between Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball and Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece that was released in December 2006. The manga is a world mash-up between both streak including reference pairings that are surprisingly excellent. One matchup, in particular, was Zoro and Piccalo who found themselves lost on their pilgrimage. Clearing the matchup even funnier is that both people are also voiced by American actor Christopher Sabat in their respective anime changes. The other pairings straddle from conductors Chopper and Krillin who extended a flying develop coaster, females crazed police Sanji and Master Roshi, gap thieves Bulma and Nami, and of course Goku and Luffy as themselves. There are also the traveling pirate groups of Captain Vegeta with crewmates Usopp, Trunks, and Nico Robin as well as the Pilappaggy Villian Union loped by Emperor Pilaf and Buggy.

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Bulma and Nami’s intergalactic space heist begins with Bulma knocking out an immigrant in true-blue Bulma fashion all while supporting a luggage of coin in one hand and a room ray artillery in the other. Nami as genuine to her character informs Bulma of all the treasure being accounted for and then hurriedly steering their charming middle spaceship away from the wreckage to an undisclosed destination. This ties in a little to the next body where policemen Sanji and Master Roshi receive a call for help from the immigrant that was overcame by the partners in crime but chose to ignore it to focus on the”gals” waiting for them at the unrevealed destination. This being a nod towards followers who are aware of both Sanji and Master Roshi’s dysfunctional the relations between the most spirited Nami and Bulma that always purposes up in the men’s unspeakable demise.

This pairing is a great example that showcases the leading ladies’ identities which were prominent throughout the collaboration manga. Both courages share a same fashion sense that was represented well with Nami’s classic One Piece fashion style of a striped dress and Bulma’s futuristic wording as learnt throughout the Dragon Ball franchise. The duo also shares an independent and driven mindset that captivated the book into believing their infinite escapade together plausible. Bulma’s adventurous outspoken personality and ability to create gadgets and weapons from Capsule Corporation to help in the sailing of know the Dragon Balls can be discerned throughout her personality in the one-shot. Nami’s frugal money spending and excellent navigational knowledge are also shown with her weigh the treasure and being the getaway motorist. She even references Bulma as “Nee-San” or “Big Sister” which was a cute relationship detail lent in held how Bulma is clearly older.

The crossover collaboration manga had numerous immense matchups and a great blending of the Dragon Ball and One Piece worlds. Bulma and Nami as space thieves kept to the originality of the character’s temperaments and even expanded upon their relationship in the crossover. All of the characters kept to their original identities with modest quirks that added to their interactions with each other. The final destination was a cute tea party with the all mighty Shenron and friends in a candy-filled cave that caused a nutritiou conclusion to the imaginative mashup.

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