Let’s declare it, most of us have had a crazy night where we let a good time and booze get the best of us, simply to wake up the next day dangerously dehydrated and with a nuclear headache. In most situations, you’d call a cab or hop-skip a lift from a somber friend. It seems, however, that one man opted for an entirely different solution.

Footage shared on Twitter recently received a great deal of attention as it facets a as walking down a marina with a seemingly instinctive guy crumbled on its back with his arms beating on either side of the animal’s organization. To add to the humor , not only was the man and donkey combo being chased by the cops, but the suspect’s( or victim’s) clothing absolutely makes the cake.

Our drunken horsemen can be seen sporting a captain’s hat coupled with a questionable pair of dive abruptlies. In our restraint know, this is probably not the most appropriate outfit to boast while razzing a as — unique nonetheless, and full scores for act!

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First night back at the tavern and you lose your wallet so you need to find an alternative ride home pic.twitter.com/ d7I26IcQLK

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The video concludes with the two officers running after the donkey and passenger, with the damsel detective forced to end her pursuing due to a fit of humour. We can’t condemned her.

The 22 -second long video said that he shared @ HopkinsBRFC was captioned” First night back at the saloon and you lose your wallet so you need to find an alternative ride home” and immediately went viral, with close to 26,000 scenes at the time of writing. The mention segment has been blowing up with a mix of affections, chiefly admiring our intoxicated knight’s noble steed. We’re not sure what the punishment for operating a Donkey under the influence is, but if we find out, we’ll let you know.

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