Doctor Who has just retold the root of the Eleventh Doctor’s most beloved companion, Amy Pond. Coronavirus may have brought the world to a standstill, but Doctor Who fans have made a tip-off from their protagonist; far from wasting time, they’re appreciating its value.

Doctor Who Magazine’s Emily Cook has been coordinating mass-rewatching, and she’s been going past showrunners, novelists, and actors to becomes involved and develop original material. Steven Moffat displayed a brand-new Sontaran-themed short-lived ahead of a “Day of the Doctor” rewatch, while Russell T. Davies uncovered his plans for the Time War as a prologue to “Rose.” Today’s rewatch is “The Eleventh Hour, ” the first occurrence featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor, and this time Cook has uncovered an enchanting enlivened short retelling the origin of his comrade Amy Pond.

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The newly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor first met Amy Pond when she was just a child, when his TARDIS crashed in her back garden. The young Amelia Pond was played by Caitlin Blackwood, and she needed the Doctor’s help with a inscrutable rift in her wall – in reality an interdimensional rift. The Doctor promised to return, and she spent years of her life reckon his imminent arrival. Of route, the TARDIS being the TARDIS, it actually took him times. The narrative is now retold in a exquisite enlivened tale written by Steven Moffat, illustrated by Sophie Iles, and speak by Blackwood herself.

This retelling is absolutely enchanting, a child’s-eye view of a freshly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor. Love will be delighted at the constant remarks to Rory, who is presented as eminently forgettable. Of trend, Rory and Amy were engaged when the Doctor lastly returned, and true-life to word Amy did indeed forget all about her fiance when she hop-skip into the TARDIS. Later in the first season, Rory was erased from age when he was consumed by the time rift, and the Doctor was the only one who retained he existed at all. The invigorated short-lived likewise mentions Amy’s far more exciting friend Mels, who turned out to be River Song– Amy and Rory’s future daughter.

The coronavirus crisis has been demonstrated Doctor Who fandom at its best. Emily Cook has done a tremendous racket suck the love together in these mass rewatches, and they’ve even tended on Twitter on occasion, quite remarkable given the sheer scale of current events. Even Amazon Prime got involved with “The Eleventh Hour, ” procreating it free to consider. This animated short-lived is easily the most enchanting extra feature to date.

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