Love is a many-splendored thing. Until it isn’t. DC Comics boastings some of the most romantic superhero marries in all of comic book: Clark Kent and Lois Lane are best friends and dedicated collaborators, Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen are swashbuckling suitors, and even Batman and Catwoman help find their own various kinds of happiness, albeit one that allows them to lead exceedingly separate lives. But for every awe-inspiring relationship, there is an evenly dysfunctional one, and in the world of DC, dysfunction can be literally explosive.

For times, Joker and Harley Quinn took the designation as DC’s most distorted twosome, but the pair are definitively are broken down, with Harley now acknowledged as an outright DC hero and more often working together with Poison Ivy. That asks the question … who is DC’s brand-new worst duo?

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The first hopefuls are Arsenal and Cheshire. The recovering heroin-addict hero and evil adventurer encounter while Arsenal was undercover for the government and later had a baby together, which Cheshire instantly abandoned. Unlike Catwoman, Cheshire’s relationship with a superhero didn’t realize her a better being. The two would reconnect occasionally until Arsenal’s passing in Heroes in Crisis, but Cheshire was a absolutely cruel rogue, jeopardizing Arsenal’s moralities whenever she was around.

Cheshire likewise affixes around for her relationship with Catman, another situation that led to an vacated child. After a transformative sojourn in Africa, Catman returned as a villainous equal to Batman, and his relationship with Cheshire – in which she poisoned him, killed countless parties, and sold him out to other scoundrels – accommodation his procure category, had contributed to him attempting to kill his friends in the Secret Six storyline “Cat’s Cradle” by Gail Simone and many creators. Catman was fight with his more at the time, and Cheshire’s influence propagandized him over the edge into true darkness – a descent he hasn’t actually been able to reverse.

It’s hard to talk about bad influences without mentioning John Constantine. Constantine and Zatanna Zatara fit while working together under the famed mage Nick Necro, who Zatanna was also dating at the time. When Necro became obsessed with finding the legendary Book of Magic, John and Zatanna fell in love behind his back. As with most pairs that start out cheating, things soured instantly. By Justice League Dark # 12, Constantine had are broken down with Zatanna and set her dad’s phantom on fire. Zatanna is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, and yet whenever John is around, she meets her morals going dreary and her contrives descending to pieces.

Honorable mentions likewise go to the Atom and Jean Loring – a relationship that ended with Jean staging carnages to reconnect the pair – and Punch and Jewelee; a criminal pair who commit crimes while reciting lovey-dovey dialogue. All of these marries have drawn each other worse beings, but nothing hitherto compare to Harley and Joker. For that, books should look no further than Joker and his new henchwoman, Punchline!

While the Joker has been around since Batman# 1 in 1940, Alexis Kaye, aka Punchline, was created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez for Batman # 89 in April 2020. What utters this relationship even worse than Joker and Harley’s is that Punchline affiliated the Joker at a point in which he was stepping up his criminal efforts, becoming a worldwide movement, impelling the stakes and consequences of their dysfunction that much more serious. Harley was ultimately able to see the truth behind the Joker and settled some interval between her and Puddin’, but Joker is now closer to a terrorist movement than a bank robber, and Punchline has invested everything she has in being by his place. Sadly, it will take something drastic to save the Clown Prince of Crown’s brand-new beau from the sadnes he motived Harleen.

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