Sex parties. Drag queens. Betrayals.

The penultimate installment of Daytimes of Our Lives: Beyond Salem scooted toward the series’ conclusion as characters went to extremes to recover the theft gems.

It was campy, ludicrous … and a ton of fun, and then Days of “Peoples lives”: Beyond Salem Season 1 Episode 4 ended with a few compelling cliffhangers to keep viewers aria in really one more time.

Ben and Ciara's Wild Party / Tall - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

The scribes were clearly having fun running a bit farther than they usually do, particularly with the Ben and Ciara storyline.

While most of the incident was over the top, this history accompanied a punishment front between campy and uncomfortable.

I have nothing against sex gatherings as long as it’s all consensual, but Ciara agreeing to go to Miles Faversham’s bedroom in an attempt to get the amethyst COULD have ended up badly.

Ciara probably always knew she could outsmart Miles, though. But still, I’m surprised that a desecration survivor wouldn’t have any hesitation before climbing into this scenario, gems or no gems.

Miles Faversham, Swinger - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

As soon as she began talking quirk with Miles and asked about where his imprisonments were, I knew exactly what was going to happen, so I could tighten and enjoy the silliness.

Meanwhile, the incidents with Ben and Sophie too toed the line. I figured Ciara would show up just in time to stop this woman from having her action with Ben. I was never so glad to be right!

While I didn’t expect a sexuality gathering, I DID expect that Ciara and Ben’s cover would be blown.

They were both lane too young to be the people they claimed to be, and it appears to be specially nonsensical when juxtaposed with incidents with the real Austin, who is middle-aged and far more boring than Ben.

Not Exactly James Bond - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

Ben shouldn’t be too hard-boiled on himself for declaring he wasn’t Austin. There wasn’t much else he had been able to do after being left without backup and a stupid cover story that anyone could see through.

Besides, Sophia must not have cared too much if the pair stole her gemstone since she was well aware Ben had infiltrated her defendant but didn’t do anything about it except try to get him to sleep with her.

Sonny, Will, and Chad’s storyline was equally silly but without the squick factor.

Days of Our Lives has done things like this before( most notably Daniel, Rafe, and Brady participating in a strip show in 2015 ), so the people having to perform a drag picture to get the emerald back wasn’t that out of the ordinary.

Chad in Drag - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

It did countenance onlookers a peek at a part of gay culture that not everyone is familiar with. Not all homosexual people are into the club scene or do drag — Sonny and Will certainly aren’t alone in that!

But those who enjoy such things go to clubs and proves like this, and I appreciated Beyond Salem including an LGBT-centered storyline, even if it did use the old trope of the straight chap being forced to do drag.

I knew Chad would end up acquiring the challenger before it even began, yielded how awkward he was with the whole thing.

But by the end, he was laughing and joking with the draw queens as if he were one of them, and I enjoyed his greater consolation level with the whole scene.

An Unexpected Kiss - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile, Graham and Billie FINALLY caressed!

These two have had chemistry from the beginning and it was obvious that they were going to fall hard for one another sooner or later.

I hope that there’s a sequel to Beyond Salem or that they make an appearance on Days of “Peoples lives” sometime soon. I’ve enjoyed their growing affinity and will miss them.

This was all made sweeter by Graham altogether professing Billie’s past and admiring that she existed it all.

A Failed Meeting - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

In some actions, Kristen did them a regard even though she and Billie both played like aim girls who were still in high school and sold offenses about each other’s pasts.

It was disappointing that Kristen escaped again, very, though that’s par for such courses with Kristen. Doubly so because we still have no idea why she missed that necklace!

Whatever the above reasons was, it couldn’t have been that important to her, since she declined the necklace and didn’t make any effort to retrieve it.

But at least one mystery was solved: the random person “whos got” knocked out of the auctioneer was working for Kristen. Now we just need to know why — and we only have one more episode left to learn it.

Leo Messes With Chad - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

By far, the best part of the hour was the two cliffhangers.

After an entire bout of campy fun, things get serious again with Shane catching Leo trying to abscond with the emerald and Carrie and John discovering gems in Austin’s bag.

The Carrie/ Austin material doesn’t interest me all that much. These two deplete an entire hour in berthed, constituting up for Ben and Ciara having real things to do, and nothing of their pillow talk was exciting.

Still, though, I’m puzzled as to why Austin has gems in his pouch. Are they his, or did Kristen plant them for whatever reason?

Shane Catches a Thief - Beyond Salem - Days of Our Lives

Elsewhere, Leo’s betrayal shouldn’t have been surprising, but it was. I concentrated on the silly drag testify stuff and didn’t notice Leo was gone until one of the lag queens targeted it out.

Well frisked, Beyond Salem.

Leo[ “ve been staring at” the emerald ]: As hypnotize as my hearts. Nearly .[ Shane comes around the corner] Shane: Get somewhere, Mr. Stark?

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Added: September 09, 2021

Shane was in the right place at the right time and I have to wonder how long Leo has been on his radar.

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Hopefully, all is likely to be discovered as the series wraps up with Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Season 1 Episode 5. I imagine the pearls will all be returned to their rightful owner, Billie and Graham will go off into the sunset, and the bad guys will either get arrested or go into hide again.

What are your promises for Epoches of “Peoples lives”: Beyond Salem Season 1 Episode 5? And what did you think about the crazy hijinks as everyone chased after the gems?

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