There are two post-Christmas lunch staples in our category: backyard cricket and the arrows on Fox Sports.

This year, with the mellowed drowsiness of the last lily-white lingering, there was only one option for me. I observed the sofa and started my search through the Foxtel guide.

My screen filled with a heaving, reciting crowd in fancy dress singing” Here we go “. A strange-looking middle-age gentleman with a multicoloured Mohawk and offending fluoro-green tightens was linedancing on the stage and gesturing to the crowd like a pantomime hero.

“Oh,” I said.” This must be Peter Wright .” I had spotcheck Sky’s coverage of the 2019 World Darts Championship.

Of course, you’d do well to try to forget the odd gathering, the cheerleaders jiggling their pompoms and the office reporter introducing the players like it was a heavyweight boxing match. You’d best try to ignore the neverending gamble includes and garish kits worn by the players.

You only have to concentrate on video games. These guys have skill. While they’re not contestants, they’re highly trained arrows participates and have an faultless ability to made what they aim at. The outer reverberating doubleds the score, the inner doughnut triples the score and the inner and outer bull, which weigh 50 and 25 respectively. are at their mercy.

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A critical clevernes is to hit the outer reverberating when under pressure. Fail and you give your opposing his chance.

The No. 1 grain is Michael van Gerwen from the Netherlands. Michael has won over$ 3 million over the last two years. Tall and bald-headed, he propels his projectiles malevolently at the members of the committee. His outfit is a impressing lime-green shirt with a absolutely vigorous demeanour. He is always the one to beat.

The No. 2 grain is Peter Wright. He won over $1.5 million over the last two years. His outfits are crazy but his ability is elite.

Up to last year the most amazing participate was Phil Taylor, who eventually hung up his projectiles after a absolutely storied profession in which he won 16 macrocosm championships. He is the Donald Bradman of missiles. His busines earnings were over $15 million and he ruled over arrows for many years. He was not gaudy, just solid and effective, and he beat everybody time after time.

Darts is virtually English and characterised by normal English, Irish and Scottish characters- but now Europe, Australia and the rest of countries around the world are coming to grab some of the goodies and glamour.

Long may it survive.

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