A post-apocalyptic PS5 has been created by a Last of Us fan who obliged the console appear as dilapidated as the universe on which it is based. Supporters of the action-adventure game have made artistic homages of the survival horror universe multiple times in the past, such as one fan’s portrait of Pedro Pascal as Joel. Creativity has long been encouraged as a direction for love to express their desire of a game, and such artistic license has sometimes led to the creation of entirely different competitions that combine the best parts of the titles that influenced their development.

As Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us maintains massive popularity, the series has officially been greenlit to be adapted into a television series. The revelation for the Pedro Pascal sketch as Joel was a result of the actor having been thrown to play the part in the program. However , no exhaust appointment for the series has been announced, though speculation hints it could debut in late 2021 or early-to-mid 2022.

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Showing more support for a popular universe, Twitter user Retro Licker made a PS5 in the post-apocalyptic style of The Last-place of Us. Made of brick and exaggerated with fungus and foliage, the TLOU PS5 shows as summary as the world by which it is inspired. Highlighting the practice post-apocalyptic quality, some followers have expressed interest in buying such aesthetic concoctions from the creator, with Retro Licker declaring to seeing the possibility.

Video recreations have always been a source of fascination for gamers. From high-quality paintings and effigies to fan myth and capacity playing, fans are always looking for a way to submerge themselves in their favorite cosmoes with their favorite people outside video games themselves. The Last of Us is no exception to this rule, especially given the franchise’s horror components, which are often more popular during periods of strife and social upheaval.

For Retro Licker to craft a post-apocalyptic PS5 as an homage to The Last of Us showcases the artist’s talent and dedication to both Sony’s newest console and Naughty Dog’s horror game. Retro Licker has an opportunity to make some good coin selling these exquisite articles and doing so will likewise spread the enjoy of a popular console and video game franchise. Everyone loves trifles and The Last of Us PS5 is one of the coolest ones yet.

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The Last of Us is available on PS4 and is backward compatible on PS5.

Source: Retro Licker

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