Warning: Spoilers for Cruel Summer season 1’s ending.

The Cruel Summer season 1 climax lived up to the show’s themes of lies and changed truths. Kate( Olivia Holt) and Jeannette’s( Chiara Aurelia) law clash came back an expiration, but not without a few surprises along the way. Here’s everything that happened in the final bout of the introduction season.

Cruel Summer follows the living conditions of the Texas teens across three significant summers in their lives. Kate disappeared that first summer, sharing that her evil dean regarded her hostage for the better part of a year. When Kate is gone, Jeannette, who ever admired her, virtually stepped into her life. Once she escapes, Kate accuses Jeannette on national television of having an opportunity to save her but waning to do so. Jeannette comes back at her with a defamation contingency, providing a national trial into motion.

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In the season finale of the Freeform show, Kate and Jeanette eventually have an honest conversation. Kate learns and finally belief Jeanette that she never verified her at Martin’s house. But just when both teenages stop the charges against each other, Cruel Summer divulged one last-place construction in its final moments of season 1. Jeanette may have never seen Kate in Martin’s house. But after breaking in one last time, she discovered Olivia Holt’s Kate call for help from the cellar and clearly identify herself. The Cruel Summer season 1 climax proves that the truth is complicated, as both Jeanette and Kate determined grey areas and loopholes in their stories.

For a majority of the members of Cruel Summer season 1, Kate was adamant that Jeanette visualized her at Martin’s house. After talking with Jeanette one-on-one in the finale and learning that it was Mallory who accompanied her, Kate publicly redacted her claims against Jeanette. But she never divulged the entire truth about her relationship with Martin, from their thing to killing him in self-defense. The intellect for Kate’s lie about the abduction was twofold.

First of all, Kate stretched to truly love him. An important and devastating plot point throughout Cruel Summer season 1 is that Martin had been slowly grooming Kate since their first see. Her love for him was likely a reflection of that. But even if it stemmed from poisonous beginnings, Kate felt an counsel to protect him. Her mother likewise fostered her to believe that public feeling is everything. While she had a disaffected streak in her, demonstrated by the fact that she haunted a relationship with Martin, her mother’s voice was still always in her heading. Revealing the holes in her narrative would destroy her stature. Kate would rather find openings and crack the existing legislation than do that.

In an earlier bout of Cruel Summer, Kate perpetually mentioned Annabelle. The most notable mention came in the form of a recorded conversation with her therapist( played by Panic’s Lee Eddy ). Kate had told him that Martin started acting strange the day she convened Annabelle. However, when Kate went back to listen to those logs, she had no memory of who Annabelle was. The word didn’t come up again until the season finale, where it was revealed that Annabelle was Martin’s nickname for his shoot. He produced it out when his and Kate’s relationship morphed into that of hostage and kidnapper, intending to kill himself before varying his memory at the last minute. In those seconds of uncertainty, Kate grabbed the handgun and shot him in self-defense. In the long haul, Annabelle didn’t matter; it was what came after. The time she killed a man, Kate was changed forever. That likely contributed significantly to her hugely different identity in 1995, which will undoubtedly be carried through Cruel Summer season 2.

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One of the more surprising times in the Cruel Summer season 1 finale was a kiss between Harley Quinn Smith‘s Mallory and Olivia Holt’s Kate. The pair became close friends over the course of the first season of the testify. So close, in fact, that Kate was able to forgive Mallory when she recognized it was her, and not Jeanette, that comprehend her at Martin’s house. In the season finale’s final times, Kate and Mallory made some time to let off some steam. They drove around, danced in the street, and abruptly, Kate caressed Mallory. Mallory smiled, implying that the feeling was mutual.

This moment expressed gargantuan person increase within Kate. At the beginning of the series, Kate was the prototype of a southern belle. She searched and behaved “perfect” and had a boyfriend to heighten that persona. But over the course of Cruel Summer season 1, Kate realized that wasn’t certainly her. Her unexpected rapport with Mallory helped Kate to find herself. As it turned out, she was someone who cuddled grunge fad and wanted to explore her virility. It’s also an indication that Kate will continue to explore who she is in Cruel Summer season 2.

Jeanette’s case against Kate remained a relevant subplot through practically the totality of Cruel Summer season 1. But after the two teens had an honest confrontation in the season 1 finale of the series, Jeanette discontinued the event against Kate and walked away from a multi-million dollar settlement. That was because she actually sued Kate to confuse people from the truth. Jeanette may not have ever actually identified Kate at Martin’s house, but as the ending discovered, Jeanette heard Kate at Martin’s house.

So with Jeanette’s carefully crafted testament that she never received Kate, she was able to present herself as the real victim in the narrative. She was convincing fairly that Kate herself even publicly removed her claims against Jeanette, who became the nation’s brand-new sweetheart after snapping the dialogue to triumph the country’s sympathy. No one would ever suspect a good daughter would lie about something so frightening, so Jeanette plummeted the suit because she accepted she had all her basis covered.

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After the teens came to an understanding, it seemed as if Kate and Jeanette were able to move on with their lives and find prosperity. Nonetheless, the Jessica Biel-produced show propelled one final curveball at the public. The final times of the season finale blinked back to Kate’s imprisonment. As she does throughout the course of the show, Jeanette broke into Martin’s house. Kate heard and called for help. But even after Jeanette recognized Kate needed facilitate, she didn’t do anything. Throughout Cruel Summer season 1, Kate accused Jeanette of stealing her life. As it turns out, she did start the awareness decision to take what wasn’t hers.

This revelation has gigantic ramifications for Cruel Summer season 2. After accusations against her went national, Jeanette was invited to appear on a major talk display to discuss her narration. She acquainted a peace, forgiving, and amiable persona on Tv. She’ll likely carry that facade into the next season of the support. This adds another mantle to the already-complicated web of lies and half-truths spinning on the reveal. No one ever explicitly expected Jeanette if she discover Kate calling for help, so she technically never lied about that. But she still toy a passive role in Kate’s prolonged captivity. As the show’s slogan says, the truth is how you see it. The Jeanette revelation will continue to carry that topic into Cruel Summer season 2.

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