To combat COVID-1 9 pandemic, initiatives by Tata Steel including ply 61,000 tonnes of liquid oxygen from its stations to territories for setting up 1,600 hospice couches for medicine of fouled has benefitted about one million people, Chairman N Chandrasekaran has said.Those acquire from the efforts were not only the employees and their families but likewise the community members in and around our operating places, he said.”The past 18 months have been challenging for all of us in many ways. We have attended unprecedented times due to the spread of the COVID-1 9 pandemic all over the world and it has not yet abetted with numerou variances of the virus still a threat to human lives.”As part of the efforts to combat COVID-1 9, your fellowships #CombatCovid19 programme and direct COVID-Care support has reached the lives of over 1 million beneficiaries, ” the Chairman said.The chief of the steel heavyweight said to help the nation during the second tide of the pandemic, Tata Steel took significant steps to supply medical oxygen to several states in India and till mid-June, 2021, rendered 61,000 million tonnes liquid oxygen from its installations.In add-on, Tata Steel foundation undertake various outreach programmes for the community to extend help and support on health, subsistence and sustenance of the marginalised area of the society, he said.”Your busines continues to be committed to do its best and afford necessary support to the community and the nation at this time of crisis, ” he asserted.As a result of the pandemic, the Indian steel industry has also suffered production losses due to the national lockdown especially in the first two one-fourths of the financial year.But, they recovered gradually in the third largest and fourth one-fourth driven by strong rebirth in the domestic steel demand and comeback in manufacturing and infrastructure development activity in India, he added.Tata Steel is currently the worlds second-most geographically diversified sword producer and one of the few steel business that are fully integrated from mining to the manufacturing and commerce of finished products.Set up in 1907, it has to its credit development of Indias first industrial municipal at Jamshedpur and is among the leading world sword companies.For the Financial year 2020 -2 1, the consolidated revenues of the company increased by five per cent to Rs 1,56, 294 crore while the consolidated gain after charge also increased to Rs 8,190 crore.

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