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Mask mandates are still in place throughout much of the U.S ., although too many beings still refuse to abide by them. Anti-maskers throwing fits of rage in public cavities, often announced “Karens, “ come harder to watch as the death toll from COVID-1 9 continues to rise.

But despite simply refusing to wear masks, a number of these kinfolks are trying to get their regional edicts disturb down entirely.

One woman’s criticisms during a public convene of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners in Kansas City precipitated annoying online as they seem to represent so much of the allowance problem with the anti-mask stance.

“I could say a great deal about my time in Johnson County not wearing a mask, which is my choice as a free individual, but I’ll boil it down to one point, which is discrimination, ” the woman said.

She insisted that the discrimination she faces as an “unmasked individual” has “nothing to do with a virus, and has everything to do with how we treat one another.”

“I am discriminated against every single day in my tally now. Sometimes multiple times a day, ” she continued. “I’m told’ Stand back! Stand back, ’’ You don’t care about other people, ’’ You can’t come in here, ’’ Ma’am! Ma’am! Excuse me, ma’am, you have to wear a mask! ’ And the best one:’ Leave.’”

The woman shared a legend of taking a package into FedEx and being asked to stand away from the counter as the employee cured her anyway. She cited said she was as “a diseased leper.” Unlike the coronavirus, nonetheless, leprosy is treatable and cannot be spread through informal contact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This is the division that has been created by you guys allowing these mandates to continue, ” the woman told the commissioners. “You guys are dividing us every day, more and more.”

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The video comes from a Sept. 17 powwow that was streamed live to Facebook. The excerpt was reposted to Reddit on Friday, where commenters ripped into the woman for showing off her entitlement.

“Typical Karen, was of the opinion that salesclerks in the service industry are her personal slaves, to the extent that they must leave their families every day to be exposed to hundreds of people just like her who don’t care about their wellbeing, ” wrote u/ RioGreenFeather.

“Wearing cover-ups and social distancing doesn’t divide a community, ” u/ toastinski point out here that. “It brings[ the] community together, every time you experience a mask, or beings distancing, it is people actively protecting themselves and others.”

Plenty of kinfolks noted that members of the woman’s community trying to protect themselves from becoming infected with a potentially ravaging or even fatal virus is hardly discrimination.

“Guys, guys! She had to walk AROUND the counter. AROUND! If this isn’t discrimination, I don’t know what is! ” joked u/ Epicfailer1 0.

Despite this Karen’s affirms, the mask mandatory in Johnson County currently remains in place. The County Commission elected to continue face mask requirements in public.

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