Tyrese is in love and isn’t afraid to show it.

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Tyrese recently posted a time on Instagram and declared that girlfriend, Zellie Timothy, is the love of his life.

Zellie Timothy is a model, influencer and roam vlogger and has only just been gotten back into her groove of posting videos on YouTube.

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Her recent YouTube vlog shows the couple on an intimate trip in Europe where Tyrese is currently filming. In the clip shared to Instagram, Tyrese wakes up Zelie and queries her if she has to go# 1 or# 2. He then continues to show observers that the shower where they were staying had a toilet area where there were two toilets in the same room.

Zelie continues to tell him# 1 and he says he has to go# 2. Ultimately, the couple end up using the restroom at the same time, as they represented footsies. An strange instant to share but Tyrese and Zellie find it necessary to let fans into their world no matter the circumstance.

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“Supposedly she’s a rebound, presumably she was a side chick that made my matrimony to end nah ….. @zelietimothy is the love of my life who never asked to be here. It’s all UP from here! ”

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This isn’t the first time the couple has put their ardour on display in a very different way. Last April the couple proceeded viral after Zelie shared a video of Tyrese shaving her dame responsibilitiesfor her. At the time she said, “I will never ever “lets get going” of my King. But does your somebody shave you though? ”

The couple stimulated their cherish official last-place March during All-Star weekend. Many followers speculated that Zellie was just a rebound and void from Tyrese’s second divorce but roots close to the couple confirmed that their relationship was the real deal.

Zellie Timothy has consistently been in Tyrese’s corner as he worked through his divorce from his estranged partner Samantha and now recently the death of his mother, Priscilla Murray due to COVID-1 9 and pneumonia.

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In the YouTube vlog Tyrese shares a few moments with Zellie where he thanks her for being by his feature and expresses his late affection for her. He then goes on to say how proud of her he is and how he craves her to be successful no matter what. The couple predicts devotees that this video is first of many to come and pleads to followers to help them get their video veering on YouTube.

Honestly I really wanna thanking you for the vigor I’ve been in the comments we’ve been speaking the comments and embracing the compassion!

I just wanted to jump in and send a quick thank you we love you guys and appreciate the beloved and vitality! You guys know this YouTube world better than I could ever know it … How do we see to it that everyone In the world of YOUTUBE see’s this video? Make some suggestions below …. And you have my permission to send this link to the MOON and BACK !! I demand everyone to see and cuddle this force !!!!

Love you my children … Zelie you’re the knack that saves on contributing …. Tell me what city, district or country you’re from? Drop the flag from your municipal/ country in the comments below and help us get this video to# 1 and trending ….. Do y’all have a trending section on YouTube? lol

Help !!!!!

The couple genuinely seem happy together so we wish them the best of luck and hopefully Tyrese can find happiness and convenience in his girl while he heals from the hurt of his mother’s passing.

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Check out the part video of their baecation below.

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