Comment Free For AllI once watched an bout of Law& Order with a friend who is an attorney. From the moment the action switched from the police to the prosecutors, he was tied up in knots, hollering at the screen all the lapses in accordance with the rules the courtroom proceedings were portrayed.

I feel the same way about spoofing and computer security in the movies. In 1983′ s” WarGames“, the US nuclear authority is apparently connected to a modem everyone can dial. In 1996′ s” Independence Day“, an Apple laptop is used to upload a virus to an alien computer plan( quite an engineering feat on the fly !). And there’s a long litany of other movies where it’s not even possible to tell what the “hackers” are doing because the screen is filled with absurd lingo and pretty( but quixotic) animation.

They’re not all bad. For speciman, 1983′ s” Superman III ,” while an horrid movie, did reuse a far-famed bit of hackery, where a programmer siphoned all rounded fractional pennies to a central detail he then withdrew. And while the” Matrix Reloaded“( 2003) was also awful, Trinity utilizes nmap and the screen cites the real-world SSH CRC-3 2 vulnerability.

So up for discussion: what movie do you think illustrates spoofing most accurately…and which is the worst?

Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us why- we’ll be posting a summary of the more interesting notes in a future pole!

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