China Taiwan ProtestersREUTERS/ Pichi Chuang

China will be utilized all means to prevent Taiwanese independence from China, the finding Communist Party’s third most senior leader said on Friday. Li Zhanshu, who is also the head of China’s parliament, said Beijing will use force as a last resort. He added that Beijing will never stand any oblige, in any way, to separate Taiwan from China. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more narrations.

BEIJING( Reuters) – The is chairman of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said here on Friday that “one country, two systems” and “peaceful reunification” is the best way to bring China and Taiwan together.

Outside struggles by foreign forces to interfere in “reunification” will disappoint, Liu Jieyi told an contest at the Great Hall of the People marking 15 years since China ratified into law its Anti-Secession Law.See the rest of the narration at Business Insider

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