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Travel is…unpredictable. It doesn’t make the chaos of a world pandemic to spoil your travel plans. In fact, if you have yet to experience a flight abandonment, extensive junket stall or lost/ retarded luggage, you’re probably in the minority of travelers.

If you hurtle even once or twice per year, you should have a card that presents trip cancellation insurance benefits. But will a travel credit card even cover your expedition if “youre using” reinforces points to pay for your flight?

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TPG reader Vin Baker contacted out to ask whether airline tickets booked exerting Chase times would qualify under this coverage.

If you book a flight with Chase Ultimate Rewards sites, do they still offer travel protection?

Vin Baker

That’s a great question — and one we’ve been asked many times in light of the past 1.5 years of journey cancellations.

Will you still receive credit card wander armours when booking advance with Chase parts? Delta Flight Delay Weather Rain WindowInclement weather, mechanical downfalls and delayed inbound flights are just some of the reasons you are able to care about credit card travel insurance.( Photo by Darren Murph/ The Points Guy)

Cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards extents( such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve) peculiarity some of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies of any credit cards. Depending on your specific poster, you may enjoy coverage for journey slows, abandonments, belonging loss and gondola rental detriment or theft.

In addition, the broad range of circumstances under which these policies kick down make them simple to invoke. If you find your expedition canceled or interrupted for a included rationale, you’ll be eligible for reimbursement through Chase if either of the following is true 😛 TAGEND

Some segment of the cost has been charged to your Chase credit card. You exploited Ultimate Rewards to pay for all or one of the purposes of your excursion.

Chase is abnormally generous in this regard, as many other issuers require you to pay for the entire trip with your card in order to receive coverage, and/ or they don’t spread coverage to travel booked working points.

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You’ll be reimbursed for the monetary value of the saving( or 1 penny per site if the significance doesn’t appear on your tour or proof ). Coverage is covered at $10,000 per outing. Regrettably, after a large number of airline bankruptcies over the last few years( even before the pandemic began ), Chase deepened the policy so that “financial insolvency of the travel supplier” is no longer included 😛 TAGEND ( Screenshot kindnes of Chase)

Chase does stipulate a few examples of what counts as a plastered occasion. But if you’re not sure, you can always call the number on the back of your card and ask to speak to a benefits administrator 😛 TAGEND ( Screenshot generosity of Chase) Bottom wire

The best time to learn about your credit card’s travel insurance policies is before you actually have to use them. The good news for Chase cardholders is that your trip will be covered even if you pay with times, although there are a number of COVID-1 9-related exceptions.

Thanks for the question, Vin!

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