And the weakest are part of the unit right now is Jay Halstead.

If given the alternative between Hailey going down for the Roy death or Voight, Jay will choose to save Hailey, and that’s the furnish an eager Special Agent North presented Jay by the end of Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8.

The rift words tearing through the unit are unlike anything we’ve seen. It hasn’t even reached its heyday yet.

Complicity -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

The hour gravely shortfall application of most of its references as we were right back to an excess amount of the amount of time spent with Jay, Hailey, and Voight as they juggled a mainly lackluster suit with an overeager FBI agent analyse Roy’s disappearance.

The occurrence precipitated on the predictable area, right down to the “shocking” switcheroo with which of the sisters was a adored psychopath.

They looked into the victim to determine if he was into some shady dealings that may have led to his brutal impale. Most of what they had to work with was a descriptor by Candace, who Upstead found in a wardrobe obstructing as if she evidenced “the worlds largest” harrowing thing in her life.

Death of a Dad -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

For most people, seeing your parent killed in front of you would be agonizing. But as we came to learn, Candace didn’t care since she was the one who killed my husband in the first place.

Shockingly, the girls accused their father’s murder on a strange Latino man instead of the status quo of a creepy Black guy, which tends to be customary.

This dude might as well be disintegrating on your couch.

Trudy Permalink: This dude might as well be gate-crashing on your couch .

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But for the best part, aside from Rodrigo going from a doubt to all individuals who tip-off them off that something else was going on with the girls, the lawsuit didn’t branch out very far.

The teenages played up the idea that their papa was abusive. Darlene attempted to throw the unit off with the pieces on her limbs. Hailey’s background as a trauma survivor, knowledge of cutters, and amazing thoughts had them redoubling back on the case when things didn’t add up.

Speaking to a Loved One -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

And we learned that Darlene wasn’t the manipulative horrendous sister but instead Candace’s victim.

The contingency precipitated to the background and only served as filler, and the rest of the unit’s involvement with it was much the same.

The one person who deservedly got some gosh damn screentime for a mutate outside of the Drama Trio was Trudy, and we’re all the better for it. Why is Amy Morton so underused? Perhaps it’s at the actress’ request, but it was so good to get Trudy away from that desk and in the following areas with Voight.

Can we please come more of that? It would be marvelous.

Odd Man Out -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

Trudy always knows that things are happening, and she’s the queen of trusting her bowel. She’s been calling Voight out on the tension in the unit for a bit now, and while he still didn’t tell her everything that went on, she knows enough to sense that a rain is coming.

And that leads us to North. He’s good, isn’t he?

He seemed perfectly genial when he met Voight to ask him a few questions and tell him about his intentions with such investigations. You would’ve never guessed during that moment that he had already done his diligence burrowing into every facet of the unit’s men, personal and professional.

If not for us knowing they wouldn’t bypass drama, he was convincing as a person crossing his t’s and dotting his i’s without much commotion.

FBI Has Questions-tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

Voight impeded it allay, but Halstead was pissed when he found out about North. Why, though? He knew it was coming!

Halstead walking away when Voight informed them about North and held they retained their floors straight was so unbelievably juvenile, and his youthful tantrum outbursts have long since gotten old.

North’s interview of the unit felt like a delightful sign to the other time they did the group questioning with the slick camera direct, and it was a brief highlight of the hour. It’s too bad they didn’t devote more occasion on that.

Overall, it was weird that so much better of this shifted away from the rest of the unit.

Burgess in the Dark -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

North had a single minute where reference is thanked Burgess for her sacrifice because of what happened to her, but all the attention right back to Hailey, which remains one of the most frustrating aspects of this storyline.

They had ample office to approach this from two inclinations: one of those is how all of this affects Burgess after what she suffered, including her PTSD from that night, and even explored Burgess and Hailey’s friendship with Hailey keeping this secret from her.

Hailey: Do you think I should turn myself in? Halstead: No. I want to start my marriage with the woman I adoration without a confinement. Hailey: We’re supposed to be together forever, but if you feel what I’ve done is so terrible, there’s no turning back. Forever feels like a long time.

Permalink: No. I want to start my wedlock with the woman I cherish without prison .

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And yes, the other side could’ve continued to focus on Hailey in the aftermath of the shooting and everything they’ve done thus far. By exclusively exploring every angle from Hailey, Voight, and Jay’s end without balancing that out with Kim’s, it is like an incomplete storyline fixated on the wrong things.

They’ve trounce the Upstead and Voight portion of it to death, mercy the pun, and selling us on the resistance in the unit would work much better if the others found out what happened sooner and we got to see where everyone descended during the fallout from it.

Burzek Left Out  - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

It may seem like they’ve predominantly benched half the unit for this storyline, one of whom should be the most pivotal to it.

North was on Hailey early, and it was easy to figure out why formerly we learned how fully he probed problems before speaking to anyone on the human rights unit. Voight interrupting her season with North did seem suspicious.

And Trudy gained intel that North had spoke with the hostage Mark made, who overheard Hailey agreeing to tell the world the truth about Roy before they killed him was one of the first clues that this could go to the left.

But Voight was right about North not having nearly enough to go on at that moment. And to Hailey’s credit, she stopped well under pressure when North thought he was presenting his instance to her and would succeed in clanging her.

Hailey in the Hot Seat-tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

I know we’re all supposed to get hype about how badass Hailey was during that inquisition after North brought up her father, past damage, and all of that, and she shut him down. And don’t get me wrong, her snapback was lethal, badass as blaze, and catnip for the diehard Hailey fans.

But on the other hand, it had one wondering where the inferno this Hailey was the part season and why her temperament oscillates based on what suits the plot during the moment?

How was the woman who was having panic attacks weeks ago BACK to the smirking, smug, cocky girl who was on her mini-Voight sh* t?

The continuity problems on this succession will be someone’s villain origin story one of these days.

Checking the File  - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

The hour continued volleying back in forth in this frustratingly disjointed demeanour, bouncing from one panorama to another without connecting between, and we never got an understanding as to what was going on with Halstead and Hailey.

After learning that their gondolas were flawed and had trackers on them, Halstead told Hailey, and they discussed their bridals and how he didn’t demand her to turn herself in.

Shocking no one, Halstead’s strong appreciation of philosophy is conditional. He hates what Hailey did, but he didn’t want her to turn herself in over it.

But then we hopped to the next day before we got a sense of what that dialogue was like for them. It seems Halstead has attained peace with what Hailey did and is moving forward.

FBI Investigation - Chicago PD

Their gossips about the relations between the two countries and how everything affects it save starting and stopping with no clarity. Still, we’re to assume that this situation hasn’t broken them in any ability despite Halstead’s hissy fits.

So, of course, after everything, we find out that Halstead’s inability to mind his business, stay in his lane, and make Voight handle things as he has always done caught up to him.

North: You fight for people who can’t fight for themselves, and that’s what you did now. Roy Walton is dead, and you dealt it up. In some actions I get it, I revere it, but it’s still a crime. You talk now, I will protect you the most efficient way I can, you maintain stonewalling me…Hailey: There’s a lot of truth in there North, but you don’t have a case. I bought brand-new BDUs because real cops get unclean. I determined that promise to Mark Irwin because he had a gun pointed to a civilian’s head and that’s what he wanted to hear in that moment. That’s textbook police work. I hope Roy Walton is dead. If you’re right about that, Walton’s turning into dirt somewhere, and everyone is where they’re supposed to be, so since I’m very obviously not under arrest, I’m going back to work now. I’m a great cop. I’m in the middle of working a assassination, and you’re wasting my goddamn time.

Permalink: I’m a great cop. I’m in the middle of working a carnage, and you’re wasting my goddamn occasion .

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It’s hilarious that Jay is the weak link, and he is who made North’s flimsy case with circumstantial suggestion to something legit by producing North to Roy’s body.

It’s downright hilarious that he is now the reason that he has to choose between his bride-to-be and his boss. Let’s give him a round of applause!

(Self) Righteous -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

Irrespective of where you stand with the Roy murder coverup, all of this could’ve gotten avoided if Hailey didn’t insert herself into Voight’s business and Halstead didn’t do the same later.

The Hailey place is a rehash of Erin, which fails to quashed the likeness right down to sleeping with Jay.

Voight: It can’t look bad if you’re keeping continuous in there. Are you? Hailey: Yeah, I am.

Permalink: It can’t look bad if you’re keeping continuous in there. Are you ?

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Jay attempting to serve as Voight’s moral foil, like Antonio, feels redundant claim down to another definitive flesh requiring he turn on Voight.

North did wonders hyping Jay up about how immense a person he is and all of that, and the ridiculousness of Halstead being the reason North was onto them induced it impossible to hear all of that without laughing bitterly.

Tense Paramours  - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

And now, we have to wonder if Halstead will opt to be a snitch, taking down Voight to save Hailey. It’s something he’s wanted to do, so you can’t gave it past him to agree to it. And we all know he’s hammered when it comes to Hailey.

It’s a heck of an ceasing. But at some part, the serial needs to dig into how all of this affects the other references. It’s gone on too long without implementing them, extremely. We can ruminate all we want about how this will tear the unit apart, but we’re long overdue to see it.

North: You know who that is? Course you do. You’re the one who led me now. You’re the one who extended Voight’s GPS the darknes Roy Walton disappeared. Damn good police work which is either tragic or sardonic, I’m not sure which. I’ve been searching for the fault lines and this and it’s you. It’s always been you. Jay: Is that right? I’m your weakest connection? North: No, it’s not weakness, it’s decency. It’s possible, Jay, that you’re very good for this world we operate in. You rightfully adoration Hailey Upton, do you? You had to protect her. You had to fall in line, and in the process, you became a full marriage in the coverup of a crime. So here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to give you a alternative. I arrest you and Hailey and you, and I predict you, I’ll fix the occurrence, or option two, you cure me take down the person I certainly crave, Hank Voight.

Permalink: No, it’s not weakness, it’s decency. It’s possible, Jay, that you’re extremely good for this world …

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Other Tidbits:

Have you ever seen a doctor show such little tendernes when telling two teenage girls that their papa was dead? Goodness, bride! Do YOU need a center implant?

Hailey ogled good in this episode. That skin casing was everything!

Catching Up -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

When will we get the Trudy-centric installment that we deserve? Can we at least have an entire episode of Trudy and Voight working on a example together?

What was with the editing of this installment? It was so rough, returned all over the place with the incidents ., and was distressing.

They’ve gone shootout crazy during this season. It’s the millionth experience Jay narrowly escaped some bullets. And Adam also caught a duet, more.

When will Kim’s PTSD arc, Kevin’s relationship arc, and so forth come back from battle?

Halstead Keeps and Eye Out -tall - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 8

Where the hell is Miller?

Over to you, Chicago PD Fanatics. Will Jay turn on Voight to save Hailey? Hit the comments below!

Chicago PD returns for its Fall finale on December. 8.

Until then, you can watch Chicago PD online now via Tv Fanatic to catch up or relive the season thus far.

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