Hey there, I don’t actually follow this sub, and I’m not sure if announcing connects is against the rules or not. Nor do I know where to look to make sure so forgive me if it isn’t. On portable, formatting etc.

I largely listen to a good deal of quirky underground punk rock that I witnessed through spotify discover weekly. I likewise like classic stone and most anything other than country music. This announce isn’t all been about any of that at all though.

More recently I acquired a couple anthems that I’m unusually fond of, but the band’s that stimulated them didn’t seem to have anything else like them. I’m not sure what genre they are but I think they’re some sort of jazzy swing music.

Can anyone now help me out and tell me some hymns or ensembles that have a similar voice and feel to these two carols?

Howl – The Family Crest https :// youtu.be/ PucVbDTwnrE

The Hound and the Fox – I the Mighty https :// youtu.be/ tZ11_y5I3EY

These have immediately become some of my favorite songs and I want to find more like it, so again if anyone now could lend a hand and intimate some good nonsense I would be very grateful, thanks!

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