My guess is that technology inventories could outperform in the near expression. The only hitch is in good years their emergence is expected to be 10 -1 2% and boundaries could be under pressure, says Sandip Sabharwal, commentator, It seems to be all about IT this morning whether it be earnings, whether it be deal buzz with Blackstone fixing that open offer to buy a stake in Mphasis. We are still watching out for strong spate triumphs from HCL Tech, Tech Mahindra. What do you find interesting this morning? IT cavity is in a good region right now because of the fact that proliferation outlook is decent and given the overall situation in the markets where at least on the domestic economy front, a number of sectors on the discretionary consumption place could take a affect. My guess is that technology stocks could outperform in the near term. The only hitch is given that in good times their expansion is expected to be 10 -1 2% universally and boundaries could be under pressure for most of the companies because of the strong hiring outlook across the board and higher wage inflation this year. They will sustain but strong absolute returns will be tough from the IT area overall. Cadila has got approval for a drug to treat moderate Covid-1 9 in adult patients. Natco Pharma is also getting disaster endorsement for some medicine for Covid-1 9 therapy. What are you preparing of the Covid related business for some of the midcap pharma firms? The company which stands out is Cadila. They are doing some good work on the vaccine front. Now how much this prescription can be used, how much profits can come out of this is very tough to predict because it will depend on how strong the second wave is. But the significance in Cadila is more about their inoculation campaigner. If that becomes successful, that can add greatly to its earnings. On symmetry, among all of the mid tier specifies, Cadila is very well sat. The remain of the basket offers no significant opportunity at the current stage. What are you expecting from Reliance Manufacture ensues? Reliance earnings could be decent on all fronts this time. Only retail could see some sort of pressure because boundaries on petrochemicals could move up. The refining boundaries should ideally have moved up vis-a-vis the low levels of the previous one-quarter. But the new challenges in Reliance is obviously that most of the value lies in telecom and the Jio Platforms and retail. On Jio Platform , no one genuinely knows what is happening. They have amassed gargantuan money but we do not really realize much happening on that front. Most of it is just telecom runnings. I do not think they have uttered headroom there and that is leading to disappointment and underperformance in Reliance.

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