A brand-new Netflix comedy sequence, Blockbuster, will perform Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero and Fresh Off the Boat’s Randall Park. The streak from Universal Television will be a ten-episode, single-camera workplace comedy set in a Blockbuster Video store. Vanessa Ramos( Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore) is the developer of the serial with David Caspe( Kenan, Happy Endings) and Jackie Clarke( Kenan, Superstore) serving as the authors and ministerial producers.

Now, Deadline has revealed that Blockbuster has cast Fumero as Eliza, a working mom whose longtime matrimony to her high school sweetheart is leaving something more to be hoped. She attended Harvard but left before graduating in order to start a family. Park’s character , Timmy, is Eliza’s relied collaborator at Blockbuster and potential love interest.

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John Davis( The Blacklist ), John Fox( The Blacklist ), and Payman Benz are director producing( Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth) the sequence alongside Caspe and Clarke. Benz is also set to direct the pilot as well as four of the series’ episodes. It has not been exposed whether the series will be taking place in the past when Blockbuster was more prominent, or if it will be established during modern times with the franchise roughly out of business. There’s too a chance it will be set in an alternate universe where Blockbuster managed to maintain its esteem among streaming services. Regardless of the time period, sees can expect some nostalgia either way, when Blockbuster premieres.

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Sources: Deadline

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